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Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you on such a fine choice of reading material. You couldn't have done better, my friend. The Diplomatic Pouch Zine is working to become the pre-eminent magazine for the Diplomacy hobby. Your participation as a reader and contributor is necessary for this charter to be fullfilled. In addition to presenting some information which would be useful to even the most casual reader, this page discusses the ways in which you can -- and should -- get involved.


Diplomacy and the Diplomacy logo are registered trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. All players of The Game should include Hasbro in their daily prayers. Without Hasbro, there would be no Diplomacy. Well, okay, that's not at all true, but we do owe a lot to Hasbro. We thank and praise Hasbro for their willingness to support the play of Diplomacy in any of a multitude of forums. On bended knee, we acknowledge their generosity in making available to us the rights to electronically reproduce and distribute maps. With humble and contrite hearts, we acknowledge that no person has a soul until they have purchased the Rules of Diplomacy from Hasbro, if not a complete gameset. We also believe that a copy of said rules should be enshrined under glass in every private household in the world. We respect the rights of Hasbro to these rules, and pledge never to violate these rights.  

Publication Schedule

The Diplomatic Pouch Zine is published five times a year. These issues will be "named" the Spring Movement, Spring Retreat, Fall Movement, Fall Retreat, and Winter Adjustment issue. The submission and publication deadlines are shown below:

 Submission DeadlinePublication Date
Spring Movement IssueMarch 1March 31
Spring Retreat IssueMay 1May 31
Fall Movement IssueAugust 1August 31
Fall Retreat IssueOctober 1October 31
Winter Adjustment IssueDecember 1December 31

This schedule is easy to remember using the following rule: the deadlines fall in every month which has 31 days but which does not begin with the letter "J."

The Adjustment issue is intended to be a larger issue than the Movement issue, while the Retreat issue may go to press without regular columns and may therefore be a smaller issue than the Movement issue.

Submitting to The Diplomatic Pouch Zine

Interested in contributing? Of course you are! First read the
submission guidelines.

Enjoy the Zine!!

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