About The Diplomatic Pouch

Simon Szykman, Guest Editor

(Manus Hand, Publisher)

On The Pouch

If you are new to The Pouch, welcome. You might want to check out the back issues (of course), and the always-up-to-date About The Pouch page, which contains general information on The Pouch. If you are a Pouch regular, welcome back and enjoy!

Where's Manus and Who's this Simon Guy?

Manus has been completely swamped with work and was unable to complete the publication of the Fall 1995 Movement issue of The Diplomatic Pouch. Rather than risk the possibility of a delay in publication of several days, he enlisted my aid in order to get the issue out only a couple of days late. I seemed like the prime candidate for help, having been appointed "all around good fellow" in the last issue. With Manus' plug for me: I certainly couldn't say no. (It's almost as if he knew back then...)

Manus hopes to have the word "weekend" back in his vocabulary sometime in the near future, and will hopefully be back in our little corner of the world soon. In the meantime, I hope I can do justice to The Diplomatic Pouch, Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 1995 Movement.

Finally, I'd like to thank all our contributors and acknowledge the help of Andy Schwarz for HTMLizing the Pouch Deposits and a column, and Stephen Beaulieu for converting several text tables into nice-looking (for Netscape) ones and translating some files in Mac format into ones that we could work with.

New Blood!

In this issue, we have two new columnists debuting. We welcome new regular and non-regular contributors, so if you have any interest in writing for The Pouch, see the procedures for submission of articles.

Late Breaking News: New Distribution Medium for The Pouch On Horizon

Stephen Beaulieu has announced that he is going to be setting up an automatic mail server to allow people to retrieve text versions of articles appearing in The Diplomatic Pouch via email. The system is still being set up, but look for an official announcement shortly.

Once PouchCorp builds up enough of a financial base, we will again begin dropping copies of the 'zine from airplanes, in order to expand distribution to people without access to the Internet. However, since there is no charge for subscriptions to The Pouch, it is as of yet unclear where this financial base will come from. We are hoping to catch the eye of a rich philanthropic Diplomacy enthusiast. Until then, we will remain an electronic publication. Although The Pouch will soon be available to people without access to the web, our attorneys assure us that we can continue to call The Diplomatic Pouch the first Diplomacy 'zine on the web.

Have At It!

Simon Szykman, Guest Editor (simon@diplom.org)
Manus Hand, Publisher (manus@diplom.org)