Overview of Game SpyVsSpy

Mike Lease

The game was a standard Gunboat game, with a slight twist regarding press. Each player was entitled to "spy" on any one country's outgoing or incoming mail. Spies had to be assigned prior to the beginning of each year, and at the end of the year, after the Fall Movement phase, all of the requested messages would be sent in a packet to each country. Remarkably, throughout the course of the game, nobody abandoned their position or resigned until the very end, when France did so. He later said that he had submitted orders with an error in them, and then didn't check mail for a few days, and then when someone replaced him, he figured that he didn't care enough to fight it out anyway, and let the replacement stand. The game was exciting and the advantage flowed back and forth several times. If you are interested in further details, I have included the summary plus the EOG statements submitted by each player and the GM:

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