Diplomacy Cryptic Answers

by Tony Nichols

Firstly, for wimps put off by the absense of a grid or those who prefer to try with the answers a simple mousing manoeuvre away, here's the puzzle again. Answers at the bottom of this page.

2. Sounds like you twice spent a long time in a body of water.(6)
5. Columbus plays dip in not so old city.(10)
8. Bone in tank needed removal.(4)
10. Sought after the stab, revenge ending with a twisted cane.(9)
12. Late steam creates an impasse.(10)
14. Planes ordered to Southern city.(6)
17. Turk distilled wood twice.(6)
20. Statue raised commerating very one sided conflict. (7,2)
23. Electrons heard amusing those East of French city.(9)
25. Central province throws a celebration.(4)
27. So game obsession drove her to drink?(10)
28. Once Spanish capital, now only an aberration.(6)
1. E added to minced bio-ham in King Wenceslas' realm.(7)
2. Fleet starts in a tankard, hardly fit for war with Italy.(3)
3. No convoy Tun - Rom, had to walk instead and remembered every step.(8)
4. Neutral centre and not! (3)
6. Heard animal fat built this nation. (6)
7. Port where it's unorganised. (5)
9. "East, East of port" he cried, hair erect on back of neck. (4)
11. & 24. Justify Russia's elimination. (4,3)
13. Fate affects a great deal.(3)
14. Pleasant French city, named after a greek victory? (4)
15. Left Gaul out for the Atlantic coast.(8)
16. Wickedness of Modern invasions.(3)
18. Game is basis of discrimination.(6)
19. Characters in a song bounce here in S1901.(7)
21. God sounds worthless.(4)
22. Polish army reaction is steadfast initially in beseiged city.(5)
24. see 11.
26. Trouble brewing in Makeyevka, Donbas.(3)

Please bear in mind this is a theme crossword, not all the answers will be directly dip related and often Diplomacy knowledge is needed to solve the clue rather than being the answer to one. A couple of clues also have no dip relation whatsoever.

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2. Age Eon, Body of water
5. Diplomacy Variant of World as known/believed by Columbas & not old city
8. Bone in tank needed ..
10. Sought after the stab, end of revenge + anagram of cane.
12. Late steam; an impasse.
14. Planes; Southern city.
17. Turk & tar twice.
20. Statue raised & a one sided conflict.
23. Electrons; Par(is) + sounds like tickles.
25. Celebration; Gal(icia) + a
27. Drove her to drink; so + dip + mania
28. Once Spanish capital; In aberration variant.
1. E + bio-ham; King Wenceslas' realm.
2. Fleet start point in tankard
3. Relates to Hannibal's journey and the 'fact' elephants never forget.
4. Nor(way) & and not!
6. Grease; Nation.
7. it's un;Port
9. e after Nap(les); back of neck.
11. Justify & Russia eliminated.
13. Fate & great deal.
14. Pleasant & French city, named after the greek for victory
15. of Port (left) & Gaul; Atlantic coastal province.
16. Wickedness; Sin(ai)
18. Game is; discrimination.
19. Men in Aria (arMENia); bouncable in S1901.
21. Idle; God
22. City; initial letter of each word : Polish army reaction is steadfast.
24. see 11.
26. Trouble brewing in Makeyevka Donbas.

Key Literal Meanings are in red;
Clue has two literal meanings
Is an anagram of..
Sounds like ..
Answer is contained within the letters of the clue.

Tony Nichols

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