The MANSA Charter

Bjorn von Knorring

This is the charter of MANSA (Malicious And Non-Trustable Stabbers Association).

1. The goal of MANSA is that as many players as possible should lie, betray, and spread (incorrect) rumors when they play Diplomacy. The members of MANSA promise to play in that way when they play Diplomacy.

2. The chairman should be voted the toughest, most brutal stabber that exists in the association (and since MANSA consists of the most brutal stabbers in the world, the chairman is also the most brutal stabber in the world).

3. New members of MANSA must be nominated by two members already in the association. Together with this nomination, submitted to the chairman, a motivation for the nomination must be included, as must a qualifying quotation which was uttered by the person (preferably during a game of Diplomacy). [You cannot voluntarily ask to be a member, but you can try to persuade two members to nominate you, of course.]

4. A membership in MANSA cannot be declined or transferred to someone else. You have been stabbed by MANSA and there is nothing you can do about it (except enjoy how fun it is to play according to MANSA's values of course).

5. MANSA chapters may be freely established by members to represent specific national and international areas.

We, the MANSA members, pledge our support to this charter. Just don't count on us if we pledge our support to anything else.

Chapter 1
Bjorn von Knorring (Swe), Leif Bergman (Swe), Christian Dreyer (Swe), Johannes Nesser (Swe), Henrik Andersson (Swe), Per Larsson (Swe), Karl Stengard (Swe), Per Holmgren (Swe), Borger Borgersen (Nor),
Chapter 2 Manus Hand (USA), Pitt Crandlemire (USA), Francois Sommaire (Fra), Stephane Gentric (Fra), Samy Malki (Fra), Toby Harris (UK), Vick Hall (UK), Guy Thomas (UK), Simon Bouton (UK)

Bjorn von Knorring
MANSA Co-Founder and Secretary for Life

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