Announcing the Worldmasters2000 Email Diplomacy Tournament

By Ray Setzer

Worldmasters2000 Email Diplomacy Tournament Begins!!

Worldmasters2000, is now ready to start accepting players. Get together with seven friends and form a team, or enter as an individual. Coming off the success of Worldmasters99 which brought many of the top players from the Email, Postal and FTF worlds together in one tournament for the first time, we have every intention of building on this foundation to make the Worldmasters tournaments the most respected and anticipated Diplomacy event in the world.

The site for Worldmasters,, will link you to automated signup forms, news, history, rules and help answer your questions. Among the prizes we will be offering this year are several copies of Alan Calhamers book, On Diplomacy, signed by the author, as well as a generous collection of board and computer games supplied by Hasbro, Gibson Games and Midnight games to name a few.

Sign up for the conference board at The Conference board is where day to day communications and discussions will take place. Annoucements, chat and conferences to seek out other players to form a team with are provided. We are using one of the oreilly webboards and they are full of features which allow users to follow the topics via WWW, Email or even with a Newsreader.

We have a special fund raising effort under way to take advantage of the free $5 signup that Paypals is giving out to new accounts. It is limited to US residents at this time. If we can get a few hundred people to sign up we can get a nice fund set up to cover the postage for sending prizes all over the world. WM Home link above will guide you to the proper explanations.

Worldmasters 1999 had 553 players on 79 teams. We are well into the semi final round and hope to start the finalboard with seven sharks on or about October 1st. Follow the action from the WM99 Finals page

We are also beginning the process of having top teams and players select the prizes they have earned so they can be sent out. News of this will be displayed on the WM Home site. Join us for the Wordmasters2000 Email Diplomacy Tournament and meet players from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Western and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East, India, Africa and Asia. Test your skills against the best in the world, or, if your just learning, see how the sharks got their reputations.

Don't delay, visit us and sign up today!

Ray Setzer

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