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Fall 2004 Movement Issue

Scott Webster & Randy Lawrence: About The Diplomatic Pouch

After working countless nights and long hours to bring you the best 'Zine ever, we are pleased to present you with *drum roll* The Diplomatic Pouch's Fall 2004 Issue!!!! You can get your money at the door, folks. No, seriously, this is a good one, with some great articles. I strongly suggest, though, that before you read all these fine specimens of literary accomplishment, that you read this About the Pouch, to find out what's new.

Article Jon Saul: The Swinging Gate

Jon Saul puts his mind to the task of finding a new opening for Italy, and... well, see for yourself.

Edi Birsan: Prize Sur'Prize

Edi lays out for us his latest ideas for increasing the fun-potential in Diplomacy tournaments. Makes me want to go to one soon, just to win that Raider Award...

Millis Miller: Intimate Diplomacy

Millis gives us his view on strategy and tactics in the Intimate variant. A must-read for anyone interested in this long-established variant (and pretty good for those who have never heard of it, too).

Andy Farnsworth: My introduction to Intimate Diplomacy

Andy Farnsworth regales us with the strategy he used in his 2003 victory in the Intimate Diplomacy Tournament, and provides a great introduction for players considering this variant.

David Maletsky: North America Diplomacy Federation

David gives us a quick update on the recent Carnage by the Lake tournament, and then spends the rest of the time talking about what he wants to do with the hobby. I suppose he's entitled, though, being the new head of the NADF... anyway, check it out, and stay informed!

Edi Birsan: Imperial Diplomacy (A Two Player Solution)

Edi provides us with a short, but fascinating, puzzle, involving the ever-famous "Stop The Leader" alliances.

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Letters, letters, letters! Our mailbox has been overflowing with the deluge of letters coming in. Why, in the past month since we published the last issue, we've gotten three letters!!! Ok, so we have a really small mailbox, and it's easy to overflow it. But the point is, we've gotten a few letters, all well worth reading. So, thank you, letter-writers! And to the rest of you, don't be afraid to write us! We love getting your comments, observations, and ideas.

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