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The Zine

Fall 2006 Movement Issue

Edi Birsan: About The Diplomatic Pouch
So glad that you asked, this is what we will admit to so far...
Dorian Love: Tactical Importance Points (TIPs)
A new way to rate the relative importance of possession of a certain bit of Diplomacy real-estate.
Evan Berret: Diplomacy Game Forum
A summary of a Forum where players can play via the Web
Dorian Love: Barbary Coast Opening
Tired of being trashed around the English seas? Leave for a warmer clime...
Josh Burton: The Statistician: What are the best powers to play?
Using the power of statistical analysis to create your preference list.
John Barringer: How to be a GamesMaster without really trying
So you want to be a master of games or something like that?
Charles Roburn: The Lion and the Bear
Not your usual bedtime story of furry animals.
Allan B. Calhamer: Objectives Other than Winning
A blast from the past (1974) by our illustrious game designer.
Editor: Just passing Through
As fast as a speeding Austrian Fleet into Venice, here are some quick shots...
Editor Ranking Systems
A discussion about different ranking systems.
Toby Harris Recognition of Acheivements
Apart from hitting 18, what can you do to be recognised in the hobby?"
Edi Birsan Teaching Diplomacy
Teaching Diplomacy"
Edi Birsan Teaching Script
Teaching Script"
DipCouncil Council Reports
Report from Council Members about activity this issue

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Short but sweet - our reader contributions!

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