The Diplomacy Game Forums

By Evan Berret

The Diplomacy Game has been played thousands of times in more ways than one can count on two hands. The game has established itself a long tradition and history as a wonderful game to play with others that can have different outcomes every time you play. However, believe it or not, but there is still room for bringing in new blood to the way the game is played and organized. This new blood comes in the form of online Forums.

Online Forums have been used for an incredible number of purposes, but most of them revolve around discussing certain topics or themes. They are skinnable, very organized, easy to operate and participate in, and provide an easy place for businesses to reach their customers. Forums have been able to increase customer support, create large communities of friends, and now is able to operate games.

The Diplomacy Game Forums have been formed based on the knowledge that forums are capable of so many things. The Forum board was created to operate, or manage several games at once. Bringing all players to one place reduces the need to check email all the time, let alone write numerous emails to other team members. You can visit one location, play the game, and also discuss new strategies, make new friends, and just have a great time. By being able to post topics and reply to those topics, you keep all of the information in one place, and easy to manage. Game managers are also easy to get ahold of and the Game Managers understand everyone's situation. Game maps can be viewed more conveniently, and private discussion between teams is secure and quick. Added tools for the Forums, will let you chat in real time right on the board. We also encourage forming permanent teams and making graphics such as signatures or movies to go along with your team. The Forums are open to playing any version of Diplomacy and is easily adaptable. This is a first for Diplomacy, since all other forums related to Diplomacy merely discuss Diplomacy, not actually operate games. This deal is simply irresistable

This style of play is proven to be fun, easy, and a major time saver, not to mention the fact that you save space in your email inbox. Anyone is invited to come visit the Diplomacy Game Forums and to register and start playing right away. There is no cost of course, and you've got potential friends and fun times awaiting you.

Evan Berret
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