The Pouch Website as a whole has a group of sections with section leaders. This report, which I hope to make a regular feature of the 'zine tells you what we have all been up to recently... EDItor.

The Pouch Zine

The Zine has had two issues come out with the idea being to bring in more current information on a more regular basis. The initial goal was to have an issue out every month with major issues every three months. However, we may have to scale it to an issue every other month with major issues every 4 months as the technical support staff in terms of html'ing and final formatting is cranked up to the zine production capacity.

We have introduced 3 new regular features of Council Reports, Just Passing Through and the Help Wanted section as service oriented aspects for the hobby be its what we are doing, what others are doing and what people would like to see done.

We have caught up on old article submissions and have reached out to a host of people to provide authorship on a broad range of subjects. Not a bad start so far.

Edi Birsan

The Diplomatic Pouch Face to Face Section - Upcoming Conventions

The Face to Face Section of the Diplomatic Pouch is, piece by piece, returning to full operation. The first stage of this rejuvenation is already in place - there is now a fully working Upcoming Conventions page, which can be accessed via

The new Upcoming Conventions Page uses a whole new approach. Rather than the old page, where a member of the DP Council had to maintain the page, anybody can now add information about a convention. At the top and bottom of the page is a link to the Convention Information Manager. Click on this link, login (or create an account if it's your first time), and then you can add or modify a convention entry.

Once you've entered the information, the page managers are notified, who will then check and approve the information (to make sure we don't get any idiots trying to mess up the system), and then it will appear on the main page.

So if you are running a convention, and it's not listed, you no longer have anybody but yourself to blame... :-)

We will be updating and improving other areas of the FtF section in the coming months.

David Norman/Matt Shields

DP Judge

The DP Judge section

Manus has been taking a bit of a break from the hobby, we wish him well and hope for his short return.

(For Manus Hand)

On Line Resources

Stephan Agar/Bill Blackmer

Diplomatic Pouch Gear

The DP Gear section has had a very small number of sales this year and as the money there goes to support The Pouch's on line registration/domain costs etc., we hope to expand some items and maybe add some resources through existing web support commercial product services. We are experimenting with some new items such as bumper stickers, pins, hats, shirts and maybe even special boards and pieces pending Hasbro approval. So this area is a place of potential right now and we will keep you posted as market forces are rallied to help the hobby.

(Edi Birsan)

E-Mail Diplomacy

Play By E-Mail Communities

We would like to Showcase the great diversity of e-mail and Internet Diplomacy communities that are currently operating by giving an opportunity once a month for a different online community to stage an Open Day. The host community will have a chance to advertise their activities, to launch games or tournaments and to generally be under the spotlight for a month.

If you are interested in having your community show-cased, or simply to be reviewed, drop us a line.

Dorian Love and Kevin O'Kelley

Judge Communities

Chris Babcock

Postal Diplomacy

Jim Burgess

Showcase Diplomacy

The show case section is currently getting ready to show case two new games. The first, Columbia, is a group of mainly West Coast players in which all the press is being recorded and will be displayed along with the maps and adjudications.

The second game, Prometheus, is being mastered by Adam Silverman. This is a game a very high profile players, in which a large number of commentators are observing the game. All the observations will be posted along with the maps and adjudications.

Both games are in progress, and work on posting these two new showcase games will begin at the conclusion of those games.

Nathan Barnes

Openings List

Here, a few more judges have been added, but the list retains its traditional look and feel.

Millis Miller


The A to Z section has been updated by Harold Reynolds (many thanks!): see his work here. Please feel free to request a password and make your own updates!

Millis Miller

The Editor

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