In 1975 Mike Rocamora and Edi Birsan introduced the idea of having Best Country awards so as to encourage people who were not on the top board or the top 7 finishes to achieve some recognition for outstanding play in a tournament. Diplomacy is a game where the bulk of the goals are related to final standings. Over time there was some introduction of voted on awards such as Players Player, Best Stab, and Diplomat or Tactician. In the events in the San Francisco Bay area there are a host of additional prizes/awards/ or mementoes. Some of these are known in advance and some in line with the Prize'Sur'prize are kept secret till the conditions are met so as to not have people trying to alter their play style to get something. Furthermore, achievements do not have to be individual but could be a group thing to simply give people some idea of what may be happening around the tournament.

One of the other affects of the introduction of some of these is to create a diversion from the seriousness of the competition and to give some kicks and chuckles to the play of the game.

Here is a list of some of the things done:

  1. Death Board: A large board is kept out with the names of all the provinces. As units are destroyed in a province by being dislodged and having no place to retreat or retreating into a destruction (not removal) a skull and crossbones is drawn against the place and the player is given a 'skull ring' or some token. As soon as someone reaches a pre determined number (3-5-6 whatever) a prize is given. The player with the most destructions over the course of the tournament is given the title Executioner.
  2. Capiltalist: the player who owns the most capitals at the end of the game.
  3. Who had the most centers in 1902, 1903, 1904, etc.
  4. Who had the best score in each round
  5. Who controlled regions first: typically Scandinavia, Balkans.
  6. What country invaded another the most in 1901
  7. What supply home centers would be taken in 1901
  8. How many miss-orders would be done in a certain year
  9. Where would the original Fleet Naples end up at the end of the game.
  10. Most centers gained/lost in a single turn.
If you have any other ideas of what might be fun or interesting to look at, let us know.

Edi Birsan
The EDItor

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