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Diplomacy World Editor Douglas Kent put together a Summer 2007 Issue (PDF format), just in time for WDC 2007 in Vancouver — and it's also available online!

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WDC 2007 Results:
Tournament Director Matt Shields' Report

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience while we put together the final results for WDC 17. I'm very happy with the way the event turned out. Tournament directors are never entirely satisfied, but in this case I did walk away pretty pleased. We had a solid turnout, a great venue, and a very high level of play top to bottom.

We had 70 players play at least one round — three rounds with 9 boards, one round with 8 boards, and two rounds with 7 boards. The final standings, including the results of all 49 boards, can be found here:


This is a Diplomacy database run by Jake Mannix, and was also the utility I used to score the tournament while it was running. Board seeding was done by Manus Hand's Diplomacy Tournament Manager. Standings are on the left side. You'll have to scroll down just a bit to view them.


As you've no doubt heard, WDC 17/Dipcon 40 was won by Doug Moore. Full standings are at the end of this item. Rounding out the top 7 were, Jake Mannix, Chris Martin, Mark Zoffel, Dan Lester, Adam Silverman, and Tom Kobrin.

There were six solo victories. Mike Hall as Russia, Yann Clouet and Jake Mannix as Germany, Adam Silverman and Chris Martin as Austria, and Doug Moore as France. Those listed as having less than 18 centers in the center counts were conceded, but in all cases they appeared to be forced on the board.

Best Country awards went to:

Austria Adam Silverman
England Andy Bartalone
France Doug Moore
Germany Yann Clouet
Italy Steve Cooley
Russia Mike Hall
Turkey Eric Mead

Other awards included:

Best Pirate:Charles Roburn
Best Knight:Steve Cooley
Most Devilish:France-May Martel
Hammered:Micah Krabil


The "Best Viking" award ended up going to David Norman for winning the Chaos game as Kiel with 15 centers. Not really a Viking, but his quick conquest of Scandinavia made it seem appropriate.


The Team Tournament was won by Team Overrated of Andy Bartalone, Chris Martin, and Doug Moore. Their official score is slightly less than it ought to be, because Doug and Chris' round 6 scores did not count due to them both playing on the top board together.

Final standings in the team event are:
Score   Team NameMembers
520.70   OverratedAndy Bartalone, Chris Martin, Doug Moore
436.65   Unnamed Team 1Mark Zoffel, Jake Mannix, Micah Krabil
427.70   Team AmericaEdi Birsan, Steve Cooley, Adam Silverman
398.40   Unnamed Team 2Chris Brand, Mike Hall, Rob Stephenson
389.50   Unnamed Team 3Tom Kobrin, Eric Mead, Dave Maletsky
386.00   Team UKGihan Bandaranaike, Dan Lester, David Norman
349.10   Sox Fans for World PeaceRick Desper, Jim O'Kelley, Don Williams
299.71   Altered StatesBrad Basden, Nicolas Sahuguet, Len Tennant
296.43   Yann, Toby & CyrilleYann Clouet, Vincent Carry, France-May Martel
246.99   DipstersPhilip Burk, Adam Lang, Gary Waines
242.42   Three NationsGuenter Hopf, Todd Lawson, Frank Oosterom
241.75   BADASS B-ListAndy Hull, Chris Young, Jack Twilley
239.94   Erica's Fan ClubLaurent Joly, Emmanuel du Pontavice, Greg Duenow
230.57   Dip WitzGrant Smith, Michael Binder, Anna Binder
223.39   StrategemJames Istvanffy, Faisal Kassam, Rob Vollman


There was no new business conducted Saturday at the WDC meeting, so the main order of business was simply the introduction and discussion of bids to host the 19th World Diplomacy Championships in 2009.

There was only one bid — for Origins in Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 2009. Although there was a good bit of discussion about the pros and cons of the bid, the final vote was unanimous in favor.


There was considerably more action on Friday at the DipCon meeting. The first order of business was ratification of two amendments originally passed in Charlottesville at DipCon 39.

The first amendment was a proposal that beginning with DipCon 41, any new amendment proposed to the DipCon Charter must be presented to the Chair of the DipCon Society meeting in writing prior to the start of the meeting.

The second amendment was a proposal that upon passage of any new amendment to the charter, after the meeting the Chair of the current DipCon Society meeting must transmit to the Chair of the following DipCon Society meeting a written record of the newly passed amendment, so that the incoming Chair has the language of the amendment available for ratification.

Both of these amendments passed unanimously with little debate.

There were two excellent bids made to host the DipCon 2008. The selection process was simplified due to the fact that both bids were being made by the same region, meaning that all votes would count equally.

The first was a proposal to host by HuskyCon on Long Island in New York. The second was a proposal that DipCon be held at the University of Maine in Bangor. There were obvious merits to both proposals, and in most years I suspect either bid would have won easily over most others. In this case, since a choice had to be made, Bangor was selected largely as an effort to incorporate into the mainstream North American hobby an apparently large group of Diplomacy players who have up until now remained largely unknown outside of New England.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone who attended for coming. As to the rest of you — I hope we see you next year in Bangor, in 2009 in Vienna, or at another tournament in your own neck of the woods.


      Matt Shields

1   Doug Moore231.3
2   Jake Mannix191.7
3   Chris Martin174.7
4   Mark Zoffel174.6
5   Dan Lester157.4
6   Adam Silverman155.4
7   Tom Kobrin154.4
8   Edi Birsan154.2
9   Rob Stephenson148.5
10   Yann Clouet136.1
11   Mike Hall132.2
12   Nathan Barnes131.9
13   Andy Bartalone131.9
14   Don Williams130.6
15   Eric Mead121.8
16   Steve Cooley118.1
17   Chris Brand117.7
18   Gihan Bandaranaike117.5
19   Brad Basden116.5
20   Dave Maletsky113.3
21   Rick Desper112.7
22   David Norman111.1
23   Laurent Joly109.9
24   Graham Woodring109.5
25   Andy Hull107.8
26   Jim O'Kelley105.8
27   Ike Porter103.5
28   Grant Smith100.1
29   Riaz Virani99.32
30   Nicolas Sahuguet97.82
31   Brian Shelden97.05
32   Charles Roburn95.14
33   Rob Vollman95.03
34   David Webster93.35
35   Faraz Adilipour90.0
36   Reuben Jones90.0
37   John Jamieson90.0
38   Philip Burk86.75
39   Len Tennant85.39
40   Frank Oosterom84.87
41   Guenter Hopf84.45
42   Adam Lang84.32
43   Vincent Carry83.49
44   Vahe M.81.0
45   Stephen Weingarten79.38
46   Kirk Petersen78.23
47   France-May Martel76.84
48   Brian Murdock76.50
49   Gary Waines75.92
50   Todd Lawson73.10
51   Don Del Grande72.9
52   Alex Amann72.35
53   Narek Bobloyan71.39
54   Micah Krabill70.35
55   Jack Twilley69.42
56   Buz Eddy68.89
57   Faisal Kassam68.35
58   Michael Binder67.94
59   Tim Harrison66.99
60   Ryan Blaney66.93
61   Mitchell Wagizuer66.10
62   Greg Duenow65.75
63   Tony Buchanan65.61
64   Andrew Nick65.56
65   Chris Young64.53
66   Emmanuel du Pontavice64.29
67   Mark Dornian62.74
68   Anna Binder62.53
69   James Istvanffy60.01
70   Racan Souiedan57.84

That's all for now. See you next time!

The Editor

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