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New Issue of Diplomacy World

There's a new issue of Diplomacy World available! Editor Douglas Kent put the Fall 2007 Issue (PDF format) up on the DW site just a week ago.

If you're interested in giving him feedback or contributing to future issues, write him at diplomacyworld@yahoo.com.

Keep an eye out for the next issue, which will be number 100!

Diplomacy in Turkey

HuskyCon co-organzier Conrad Woodring has been living in Turkey since March '07. In July he created a weekly gaming group in Istanbul that has been successful. On Thursday, September 30th, Conrad and six other Turks played the first known game of Diplomacy in Turkey. Although only a few hours were played, the game was very well received. This same group has since formed the first Turkish team for the Diplomacy National World Cup. Conrad hopes to organize a European Grand Prix event in Turkey in 2009.

For more information, contact Conrad and the HuskyCon team at huskycon@huskycon.com .

Jerry Adams is Looking for Rod Walker

Jerry Adams of Goleta, California (near Santa Barbara) is looking for his old friend Rod Walker. If you have contact information for Rod, please send it to the Pouch Editor at editor@diplom.org, and I will help them get back in touch!

Upcoming Diplomacy Tournament in Calgary


Promoting thinking skills and historical study by playing strategy games


Canada's 15th Annual Tournament

the exciting game of international intrigue!

Players will be selectively matched based on their game experience.
Beginners are welcome.

When:10 am Saturday 5 January 2008
(unusually finished by about 4pm)
Where:The Sentry Box
1835 10 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta
T3C 0K2, (403) 245-2121
Cost:$10.00 (lunch provided)

For more information call James Istvanffy (403) 249-2083 or e-mail james.i@shaw.ca

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