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Fresh from the triumph of his hundredth issue (as noted in the Pouch), Diplomacy World Lead Editor Douglas Kent has put out not one, but two new issues since our own S2008M issue! The Spring 2008 Issue (#101) and Summer 2008 Issue (#102) are both available from the DW site as PDF files.

If you're interested in giving him feedback or contributing to future issues, write him at diplomacyworld@yahoo.com. The submission deadline for the Fall 2008 Issue (#103) is October 1st; don't miss it!

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Time to step up! The Diplomatic Pouch needs YOU!

All these wonderful articles you see in this issue didn't write themselves! If you've ever thought about writing something for the Pouch, don't hesitate — send your suggestions, comments, and questions to the Editor at editor@diplom.org without delay! The next submissions deadline is October 1st.

Remember, the Pouch depends on YOU!

Variant Designer/Enthusiast Seeks Players!

Nick Higgins is looking for players for games of both Ambition & Empire (featured in three articles this issue) and Congress of Vienna (described on his Web site); if you're interested in trying either variant, please contact him at congressofvienna1814@yahoo.com !!!

WDC '08 Results

The eighteenth World Diplomacy Convention took place this past August 14th-17th in Vienna, Austria. The final results, as reported on the main WDC '08 site, are as follows:

RankNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Sum Total
1Ziesing, Julian36.2034.6714.2929.30114.45100.17
2Sevin, Cyrille13.2675.0023.1410.57121.97111.40
3Leinich, Daniel0.0055.6340.8613.44109.93109.93
4Andersson, Dennis49.8134.2111.8220.48116.33104.51
5Straub, Fabian21.7934.6740.868.15105.4897.33
6Dijkhoff, Oscar39.546.1420.2235.91101.8195.67
7Ilievics, André11.6040.1523.5328.42103.7092.10
8Brand, Chris35.9116.6727.034.6384.2479.61
9van Rooijen, René0.0019.4627.0332.2378.7278.72
10Tønnessen, Tor Magne22.4025.8327.9413.4489.6176.17
11Jørgensen, Simen Fure34.4112.7628.9110.2686.3476.09
12Seklehner, Stephan22.134.050.0048.3874.5674.56
13Lester, Daniel26.390.0025.7721.9674.1374.13
14Harris, Toby18.4532.6422.765.5679.4173.85
15Horak, Volker41.1128.420.004.1773.6973.69
16Paeuser, Markus4.1739.1026.390.0069.6569.65
17Hardy, James7.3157.733.62 68.6768.67
18Sahuguet, Nicolas0.000.0040.3127.4867.7967.79
19Cosgrave, Liam26.608.118.0432.9175.6767.63
20Badurczik, Jan24.350.0018.9023.9367.1867.18
21Alagün, Ahmet11.3434.0212.8119.2177.3966.05
22Grellier, Fabien20.2221.4622.760.0064.4464.44
23Kurt, Igor21.7910.260.0030.5962.6362.63
24Miller, Millis19.7013.0618.0222.2273.0159.95
25Degwitz, Ulrich7.4023.4327.946.6865.4558.77
26Norman, David15.084.810.0035.4955.3855.38
27Ulsenheimer, Stefan40.475.860.007.6453.9753.97
28Unger, Stefan16.528.118.2828.1661.0752.96
29Oosterom, Frank12.929.2723.1416.5961.9252.66
30Birsan, Edi12.920.0035.910.0048.8448.84
31Goff, Andrew7.403.9522.7618.4552.5648.62
32du Pontavice, Emmanuel4.574.8118.4523.6351.4646.89
33Fiala, Andreas10.1719.877.6416.7954.4746.83
34Lebedev, Alex11.8713.380.0019.8745.1245.12
35Bandaranaike, Gihan14.2930.12  44.4044.40
36Dias De Almeida, Vincent38.355.860.000.0044.2044.20
37Petter, Gert16.527.1420.225.7949.6743.88
38Sanchez, Ruben7.310.0027.039.5243.8743.87
39Werner, Holger14.29  29.0443.3343.33
40Kotschy, Georg8.9223.936.387.6446.8840.50
41Diehl, Christoph24.72 15.08 39.8039.80
42Pazzaglia, Luca22.130.0016.520.0038.6638.66
43Maggi, Gwen0.0015.984.0713.0333.0833.08
44Am Ende, Moritz5.200.0027.480.0032.6832.68
45Clouet, Yann 11.4718.90 30.3730.37
46Schmalle, Holger14.459.204.340.0027.9827.98
47Peksa, Mikulas0.009.270.0016.5925.8625.86
48Ferrari, Marco Piermaria0.004.490.0019.6224.1124.11
49Lecointre, Gabriel5.9313.384.170.0023.4823.48
50Bieber, Herbert 18.54 4.5823.1323.13
51Hrabal, Vojtech0.000.006.0916.5922.6822.68
52Höfferer, Jochen0.0011.479.920.0021.3821.38
53Brüggemann, Dirk0.000.004.2716.0320.3020.30
54Bretschneider, Clara 0.00 16.5916.5916.59
55Tennant, Len0.000.004.2711.9616.2316.23
56Günther-Hanssen, Christian0.000.007.777.8115.5815.58
57Pock, Michael4.570.004.274.4913.3213.32
58Beer, Sebastian 13.03  13.0313.03
59Denkmann, Christian4.
60Mönch, Joachim0.000.004.340.004.344.34
61Nejedlik, Karel0.003.610.000.003.613.61
62Bacher, Frank 0.000.00 0.000.00
63Carry, Vincent    0.000.00
64Dambmann, Manuela    0.000.00
65Diehl, Constanze    0.000.00
66Heymuth, Marcel0.000.000.00 0.000.00
67Hopf, Günter    0.000.00
68Luckenfuller, Henry 0.00  0.000.00
69Miller, Ana    0.000.00
70Pazzaglia, Enrico    0.000.00
71Scaffa, Luisa    0.000.00
72Schmerbach, Mathias    0.000.00
73Simma, Katharina 0.00  0.000.00
74Tennant, Nora    0.000.00

RankTeam NamePlayersTotal score
1Brothers in ArmsClouet, Yann
Maggi, Gwen
Sevin, Cyrille
2Fit stoneheadsHarris, Toby
Kurt, Igor
Straub, Fabian
3Montezuma Impossible IIdu Pontavice, Emmanuel
Ilievics, André
van Rooijen, René
4Whatever Badurczik, Jan
Leinich, Daniel
Schmalle, Holger
5 Sweden Jørgensen, Simen Fure
Sanchez, Ruben
Tønnessen, Tor Magne
6 Masters of Disaster Horak, Volker
Paeuser, Markus
Pazzaglia, Luca
7 Montezuma Impossible Andersson, Dennis
Oosterom, Frank
Unger, Stefan
8 Pygmees Dias De Almeida, Vincent
Grellier, Fabien
Sahuguet, Nicolas
9 The Team from Far Far Away Birsan, Edi
Brand, Chris
Tennant, Len
10BMW Alagün, Ahmet
Kotschy, Georg
Mönch, Joachim
11 Team France Cosgrave, Liam
Goff, Andrew
Lester, Daniel
12 Team Salzburg Höfferer, Jochen
Lebedev, Alex
Petter, Gert
13 Die Ber+Viener Brüggemann, Dirk
Degwitz, Ulrich
Pock, Michael
14 No Name 2 Bacher, Frank
Norman, David
Ziesing, Julian
15 1 Man, 1 Word, 1 Centre Am Ende, Moritz
Heymuth, Marcel
Lecointre, Gabriel
16 Team "Sissi"* Denkmann, Christian
Fiala, Andreas
Ulsenheimer, Stefan
17 No Name 1 Hrabal, Vojtech
Nejedlik, Karel
Peksa, Mikulas

*Is this a reference to this tragic lady? Those poor Wittelsbachs…

Sevin, CyrilleAustriaRound 211975.00
Hardy, JamesEnglandRound 251657.73
Andersson, DennisFranceRound 141449.81
Leinich, DanielGermanyRound 361340.86
Straub, FabianItalyRound 361340.86
Birsan, EdiRussiaRound 321135.91
Ulsenheimer, StefanTurkeyRound 131240.47

Many congratulations to all the particpants, the new champion Julian Ziesing, and especially to the team at "Tu Felix Austria" for putting together a wonderful Con! Be sure to check out the photos. See you next year in Columbus, Ohio!

That's all for now. See you next time!

The Editor

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