by Edi Birsan

In our hobby of Diplomacy, it is easy to be swept up in the struggles of the game and be overwhelmed at times by the competition and striving for achievement. Those that remain focused on that will burn themselves out fast enough, and be left just simple curmudgeonly shells of their bitter selves, unsatisfied and blaming the hobby or the design for ever fading memories of frustration and pain. It could have been the same for me; however, I evolved to this mantra which covers gaming in general as well as Diplomacy specifically for those focused on Tournament/Competitive Diplomacy:

  1. We play games to have fun and make it fun for others.
  2. We then also play to achieve recognition from our fellow players.
  3. In the game of Diplomacy the Rulebook Victory is to control 18 supply centers.
  4. HOWEVER, if you have to win by forcing 18 supply centers then your diplomacy has failed.

So you see, my goal has generally been to get the other players to agree that I have won or played a masterful game, or made the game fun for all and having done that it would be almost rude to take a rulebook victory. The name of the game is DIPLOMACY, not CONQUEST. Be satisfied with a good game, and allow for social endings of a game maybe well earlier than the knock-down tactical drag out of a forced 18 center win. Be happy, make others smile, don't take it so seriously, and always remember the first very point about WHY we play.

Edi Birsan

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