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Fall 2015 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Happy Labor Day! We hope you enjoy the fruit of our own labors in this issue…
Vincent Mous: Modern Art of War — Why Slovenia Isn't a Space in the Modern Variant
Last issue, Mario offered his arguments for including the nation of Slovenia on the Modern variant map. This time, no lesser a personage than the variant's creator, Vincent Mous, offers his counter-arguments as to why he regretfully decided that it doesn't belong. (Žal, Slovenija. Še vedno te ljubimo!)
Toby Harris: Austria for Experts
The first in an exciting new series! The 2015 World Champion provides us with his insights on how best to run things from the Hofburg when you draw the Dual Monarchy.
Rick Leeds: The Drop of a Pin
Speech is silver, but silence is… gold? A harbinger of doon? Continuing with the theme of communications in Diplomacy, Rick explains what silence may or may not portend, and how to use that to your advantage.
Vlad Niculae: Linguistic Harbingers of Betrayal
Following up on the topic of betrayal and how to anticipate it, new writer Vlad Niculae discusses how he and his partners-in-crime — er, I mean, colleagues — performed an actual study of how language reflects intentions.
Larry Peery: How Many Diplomacy Sets Do You Own?
In the 55 years since our favorite game first hit the market, there have been a lot of different sets published. How many of these grace your own collection?
Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — The Costly Case of the Last Man Standing, Part 2
The second part of this tantalizing tale. The suspense builds up.
Harold Reynolds: The Night Before DipCon
Our Diplomacy Laureate is back with a little early Xmas cheer (sort of)!
Kevin Burt: Ménage à Machiavelli
Kevin waxes eloquent about his admiration for the extraordinary Machiavelli variant, and provides a guide to the many fine articles we have published on it over the years!
Mark Nelson: Diplomacy and Networks — Part I
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #72, Mark provides us with some fascinating contemporary insight into the origins and evoluation of Diplomacy on the World-Wide Web. Be sure to catch Part II next issue!
David P. Smith: Sam Spade, Diplomat Detective — The Double Eagle
In this second reprint from Diplomacy World #72, a dame with legs that just won't quit, hires Sam Spade's partner to help her at a Diplomacy game, where the gumshoe gets offed. And when a guy's partner gets iced, someone has to pay! (Unless the guy himself is the one who stabbed him, of course.)
Larry Peery: Where Dippers (& Dippers) Live, Work, and Play — Then and Now
Larry has a look at the hallowed halls where diplomacy and Diplomacy take place.
Harold Reynolds: Diplomacy, A Video Introduction
Enjoy this simple animated introduction to our favorite game — with an important motto included in the soundrack!

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