Father Bill

Clinton Wolf

(With abject grovelings before a graven image of Lewis Carroll...)

A little lesson in the peculiarities of in-game morality to a newcomer of the hobby. As with most lessons that stick, one that is learned the hard way...

Now, for the next installment of this column, I think I may get away from poetry for awhile, at least poetry with multiple verses (this is harder than it looks, even if I'm blatantly ripping off the meter and structure from others! ). In my first poem "Juggernauty", I spoke of the power of poetry to sway minds and memories... I think the same can be applied to good prose. Let's face it, an ally who's witty and entertaining when he writes to you is someone that I at least would prefer to keep around longer than someone dry as a stereo manual.

The first installment of this, then, will be the art of amusing insults based on each of the countries of the Standard Game... a couple of examples: Gentle Ben: A disgustingly peacenik Russia. Kaiser Klink: A disturbingly incompetent Germany. Now, I put out the call... if you have any good ones you've made up or heard used in a game, e-mail me with them! I'll of course give you a credit if I use it (unless you want to remain anonymous). Hopefully I'll have a nice, comprehensive list of trash talk put together for next issue...

What was that? Oh, the poem! Yes, yes, here it is...

Clinton Wolf

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