All About Hasbro Interactive's Diplomacy

Manus Hand and Simon Szykman

As you're about to see, we here at The Pouch have been busy collecting information on Hasbro Interactive's Diplomacy software.

First, there's Hasbro Interactive Speaks, which is an interview Simon conducted with Bill Levay of -- you guessed it -- Hasbro Interactive.

Second, there's Meyer/Glass Speaks Too! Meyer/Glass is the software company contracted by Hasbro to actually create the product, and Todd Hurley and his team were kind enough to answer a number of questions Manus put to them.

Finally, there's A Sneak Peek -- a set of captioned screen shots from an advance version of the product!

Frankly, we at the The Pouch are kind of excited to be able to bring you these insights into the Hasbro Interactive product. It promises to be the vehicle that will bring the next great wave of hobbyists to our ranks (anyone else smell fresh blood? ) and The Pouch wants not only to be here to greet them, but to support them and this new forum for play when they get here (in the same way The Pouch supports Diplomacy's other forums).

And here, in the waning days of the pre-Hasbro Interactive era, The Pouch takes pride in being able to bring you early details on the next big event in the Diplomacy hobby.