You've Been Dueled...

by Brandon Clarke

(To the tune of U2's "You're so Cruel")

Composed during a game of Dip Duel... a song about a stab on one's Russian ally.

I've crossed the line
you pushed me over
It doesn't matter to you
It matters to me...

You're cut adrift
but I'm still growing
I'm only hangin' on
to watch you go down, my love

They say in war there are no rules
You've been dueled!

I just appeared in you
you disappeared from me...
I took everything you ever wanted
It wasn't what you wanted

The allies who attack you you hate the most
they pass right through you like a ghost
they look for more centres but you've disappeared
Baby you're nowhere...

They say in war there are no rules
You've been dueled!

Your Russian units were pale like God's only dove
your centres screamed out for my love
and forced me to come crashing down ... from above
and I need them like ... a drug!

You wore my love like a see through dress
your lips said one thing, your movements something else
oh love, like a screaming flower
love, dying every hour...

you don't know if it's fear or desire
watching your former ally take a flier
just one fleet in Finland
and you know you're in the mire

Your heart is racing, you can't keep up
your centre count is bleeding like a cut
between the horses of France and Turkey
you are trampled... underfoot

Oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, love...
You say in war, there are no rules
Oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, love...
Sweatheart,... you've been Dueled.

Brandon Clarke

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