About The Diplomatic Pouch

Matt Shields, Guest Editor

Well, here we have it! Another issue of the Diplomatic Pouch, fashionably late, as usual. I hope that you all enjoy the contributions to this issue, as much as I have. I was particularly pleased with the selection of articles that were submitted over the last couple months. So pleased in fact, that a number of good articles have been held over for the Spring Retreat issue. I already have about six articles lined up for this next issue, so perhaps that little head start will help us get the Diplomatic Pouch back on schedule! [ <--- This, as our more astutue readers of classical prose will note, is an example of foreshadowing. (Right, guys?) ]

I'd also like to take a moment to personally thank Brandon Clarke for the excellent work he did on the Pouch in Manus' absence last issue. The Winter 1999 Adjustment issue was one of my personal favorites. Sadly perhaps for Brandon and others accustomed to the use of proper English spelling, the Editorial reigns are back on this side of the Pacific Ocean, where as some of you have noticed, the English language has degenerated to little more than grunts and shrill whistles. However, in an effort to make Brandon Clarke [or as I believe it is properly spelled in Auckland "Brouannyndouououounn Cklaearkeeee"] feel more at home, I've added several dozen extra vowels to his articles. Hopefully they will help.

So what's the news from the Diplomacy world these days? Well, gosh, let me think here....

A lot of people have asked about the mysterious disappearance of our Fearless Leader, Manus. Well, he's been busy alternatively tending to computer crises at his other major contribution to the hobby, the DPjudge (now struggling back to its feet), having his appendix removed, and lying in bed recovering from both. (Not really sure which was more painful.)

Feel free to drop him a Get-Well-Soon email, just don't tell him I sent you, cause he'll get mad at me for all the mail he receives.

Oh, and since my life is lately dedicated to Face-to-Face Dip, let me just put in yet another plug for WDC X. If you live in North America, and have ever thought about traveling to a Diplomacy tournament, this is the one to go to! If you want any more information about this event, check out the Upcoming Tournaments section of the Pouch, or drop me a line and I'll help you out. A lot of people are making an extra special effort to make sure that this is a truly impressive event. If this lists of participants I've seen are any indication, we are going to have a lot of big time players showing up at this event, not to mention a record number of overseas participants. I've personally been told of people from at least nine countries that are planning to attend, and there are several others that are certainly a possibility. In short, everyone is going to be there. Well, everyone that is, except our Email Section editor, Doug Massey, who (as the Vermont Groupies recently found out) seems to think that golf is a higher priority. Ok, everyone together now:

My God man! Where are your priorities?!?

Very good.

Well, that's probably enough of my ranting for one issue. Actually it's not, as you'll see once you get into the articles. In any case,

On to the articles

Hope you enjoy them,

Matt Shields
Guest Editor

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