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DAANZ Bismark Cup Standings (Top 10):

With just two of the year's major tournaments out of the way, the race for the Bismark Cup is already heating up. Leading the charge is last year's winner Rob Stephenson, who has a good lead on the chase pack!
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1Rob StephensonVIC15.16
2Tristan LeeVIC8.88
3Melissa NicholsonAKL8.82
4Grant TorrieAKL7.99
5Shane CubisNSW7.99
6Craig SedgwickNSW7.54
7Russell BarkeAKL7.54
8Andrew GoffACT7.10
9Jimmy MillingtonWEL7.10
10Kazel LawAKL6.66

Regatta 2 - DipCon 34

DENVER - A sudden case of pneumonia wasn't enough to keep Manus Hand from putting together another great tournament this year. 66 players attended this year, including large contingents from both ends of the continent.

But despite the strong competition, it came as no surprise when perennial favorite David Hood walked away with the title of North American Champion!
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1David Hood11Matt Shields
2Yarden Livnat12Chris Bowers
2Tom Kobrin13Jon Saul
4Spencer Bernard14Tim Richardson
5Dave Scully15Matt Drew
6Eric Jurgeleit16Robert O'Connor
7Jerry Fest17Mike Hall
8Taylor Hayward18Andrew Neumann
9Chris Martin19Rick Desper
10Edi Birsan20Larry Blair

NADF Grand Prix Standings (Top 10):

With the spring behind us, the North American tournament scene begins to swing from the western to the eastern part of the continent. Will David Hood's lead hold up, as some of the continent's best players gather in his own back yard?
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1David HoodNC290
2Spencer BernardWA265
3Edi BirsanCA253
4Tom KobrinNC248
4Yarden LivnatUT248
6Jerry FestOR238
7Dave ScullyCO191
7Matt ShieldsOR191
9Eric JurgeleitCO172
10Taylor HaywardCO140

Waikato Open
by Craig Purcell

WAIKATO - A lot of thought and preparation went into this as last year we had one or two hiccups with less people turning up than expected (19 instead of 24). The idea of a continuous tournament was driven and a calhamerist scoring system were agreed upon (if the numbers suited). The numbers didn't suit and though a little disappointed a standard 3 round tournament with Detour 98f scoring was accepted and on we went with life.

We had entries from Australia (2) Auckland, Wellington and a much better showing from Hamilton. Round 1 saw 19 players and had Quentin Ball working 2 GM boards. Of note that from 3 board there were only 5 eliminations (aren't we nice in the Waikato). Solid games were had by James Millington and Grant Torrie, but the early leader was a 14 centre Russia from Rob Stephenson.

Round 2 started with a couple of people waving farewell (Chris popped home to have a baby but sadly wasn't back in time) and Scott Tasker breezed in the nick of time to loose his tournament diplomacy virginity

This left us with 3 GM positions. This was by far the most contentious round with the different philosophies on how the game should be played coming to a head on the board I was on. 2 disputes committees were required as the TD was playing in the game and they ruled accordingly. I would describe what ensued was an example of fairly poor sportsmanship from most players on the board and it raises issues of what it is we are trying to build in the hobby on both sides of the Tasman. Results wise, Will B topped the contentious board, Torrie had a second win (leader in a draw) and Scott Tasker lost his virginity in style with a 12 centre 'win' as Turkey. Leader board (unpublished) was looking like Torrie, Stephenson, Dominick type of thing but nobody is ever too sure under Detour as it is a tad complex.

Sunday brought the return of Rick V and the mighty Adam Purcell looking for his first great tournament victory which meant we had Q play 2 GM boards and act as TD (Just brilliant - Thanks). Board 1 saw a dramatic 17 (so close to an 18 I did lose it) from Russell Barke who played me and Quentin for a ***. Some last minute luck went our way as Sean C kept handing centres over without defending anything screaming "you should've stopped attacking me when we had the chance". Luck favoured us and a last minute change of heart from Sean meant that even with the time Draw an 18 wasn't likely. This clearly put RB in contention for the Scroll. Board 2 saw a six way draw 7/7/7/7/5/1 which I am told was classical stalemate with no one prepared to risk there life. Rick V being one of the 7 gave him leadership (joint) in 3 out of 4 tournament games he has played. Board 3 was where the action was with Grant and Rob drawing Austria and Germany and went 10 /12 respectively to see Rob slip marginally into the lead and claim the Scroll for the big Island once again.

The Great Andrew Page attended the prize giving to add a subliminal touch to what was overall a very good tournament. My thanks to the 11 Aucklanders who made the trip and made the tournament possible. Nice to see a 3 Waikato players in the top 10 and hope that the fun side of the game continues to be driven hard here in Hamilton and around the country. Special thanks to Sean and Rob for making the effort - see you at WDC 2002 - if not before. . . . . . . .

Australian Championship

CANBERRA - Always an exciting tournament and this year was no exception, as we crown a new Australian Champion!
(complete results)

1Tristan Lee
2Shane Cubis
3Craig Sedgwick
4Andrew Goff
5Rob Stephenson
6Nick Smith
7David Gould
8Melissa Nicholson
9Geoff Baker
10Jerre Morris

Canadian Championship

CALGARY - There is a new Canadian Champion, and it' American.
(complete results)

1Edi Birsan
2Ben Leung
3Rob Vollman
4Vick Hall
5Ernie Kwok
6Steve Alexander
7Kevin Worth
8Brian Mitenko
9Josh Silbernagel
10Faisal Kassam


CHARLOTTESVILLE - Since he couldn't make it to the big show in Denver, Tom Pasko had to pack his knife and head for Virginia. Ouch!
(complete results)

1Tom Pasko
3Ike Porter
4Sean ("Blue") Cable
5Steve McNeil
6Steve Emmert
7Pascal Nicolle
8Luther Cifers
9Tom Carlson
10Joe Crocker

Waikato Results (Top 10):
(complete results)
1 Rob Stephenson
2 Grant Torrie
3 Russell Barke
4 Jimmy Millington
5 Kazel Law
6 Scott Tasker
7 Craig Purcell
8 Dominick Stephens
9 Rick Vollebregt
10 Will Black


DONCASTER - Ivan Woodward came out on top in the first tournament in Northern England in years!
(complete results)

1Ivan Woodward
2Simon Bouton
3Chetan Radia
4Andrew Hartley
5Doug Massie
6Darren Buckly
6Mark Wightman
8Gihan Banderanaike
9Jeremy Tullett
9Shaun Derrick

PiggyBack DipCon

PORTLAND - Edi Birsan again tops the board when it counts the most to defend his Piggyback Champion title!
(complete results)

1Edi Birsan
2Ed Hawthorne
3Matt Shields
4Jerry Fest
5David Scott
6Bruce Knight
7Spencer Bernard
8Jason Young
9Mike Sandy
10Jeff Dwornicki


OXFORD - The reigning World Champion adds another tournament to his lengthy list of victories.
(complete results)

1Simon Bouton
2Kieron Quirke
3Steve Cox
3Fearghal O Donnchu
5Simon Gatherer
6Ivan Woodward
7Stephen Agar
7Chetan Radia
7James Hardy
10Alistair Stewart

Waikato Trophies
Pagean Scroll Rob Stephenson
Best Austria Grant Torrie
Best England Russell Barke
Best France Dominick Stephens
Best Germany Rob Stephenson
Best Italy Peter Taylor
Best Russia Rob Stephenson
Best Turkey Scott Tasker

Matt Shields

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