The Diplomacy Boardgame Compendium and Gallery

Simon Szykman

Welcome to the Diplomacy Boardgame Compendium and Gallery, a compilation of as much information as I could track down about various editions of the Diplomacy Boardgame. At the time I started this project, I did not have any inkling as to the mass of information I would end up with. The Compendium and Gallery saw its public release after over a year of research, identifies over 30 editions of the Diplomacy boardgame and 50 variations of those editions. Although the original idea was to cover only the boardgame, by the time of its public release it also included Diplomacy variants, software, books, and other items.

This Compendium is by no means complete, and I intend for it to be an evolving document so I would be happy to get email with any information that people have to add, such as:

In particular, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who owns a 1959 Calhamer edition, as well as owners of early Intellectual Diversions editions from the U.K., and editions from Australia, Israel, and Italy.

The Compendium contains over 100 images spread over a dozen pages, totaling several megabytes worth space. If you have a fast Internet connection, use the high bandwidth version which has inline images on the various pages. If you have a slow Internet connection, use the low bandwidth version which allows you to pop up individual images in a separate window on demand. This allows you to view only the images you are interested in without waiting for them all to download. (Note: the low bandwidth version requires JavaScript for the popup windows to work. If your browser does not support JavaScript, turning off image loading and viewing the high-bandwidth version will let you load images on demand.)

You can switch between the high and low bandwidth versions from the main index page for each version, so you can switch between versions at any time without coming back to this page.

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Simon Szykman

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