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Spring 2005 Movement Issue

Scott Webster & Randy Lawrence: About The Diplomatic Pouch

It's been a long winter and a longer spring. It's time for the spring ?!? issue. Well here it is. This issue might look light, but it's got content, with my faviourite being the interview with Paradox Interactive. As well, we have a question within these page that we'd like you to answer. Sit back, relax and dig in.

Edi Birsan: Formal Diplomacy

In working, as always, to further the Diplomacy hobby throughout the globe, and come up with new and exciting ways to play, Edi Birsan has provided us with yet another variant, this one involving the more diplomatic formalities of international relations.

Miguel A. Sanchez Villalba: Old Game, New Look

One can never have too many Diplomacy variants. That's my motto, and I'm always thrilled to meet other people who share it. So, naturally, it is with pleasure that I introduce this article, detailing two new variants, Punic Wars and Australian Diplomacy. Based on Sail Ho! and Five Italies (though you wouldn't know it to look at them), these are ingenious pieces of work, with some very attractive artwork.

Baron VonPowell & Charles Roburn: Monte Carlo

Proving yet again that jobs and families are no impediment to Diplomacy, the Baron has sent us what is by far the largest article ever published in these venerable pages. It is the EOG of the Russian player from a 1900 game Baron hosted, and well worth its thirty-six pages.

Scott Webster : Paradox Interactive Interview!!

Paradox Interactive, a computer game development company, has begun work on a new Diplomacy computer game. Our own Scott Webster, with the help of the Diplomatic Council and our readers, sent a list of questions to Paradox, that we believed would be of the most interest to Diplomacy players. Paradox graciously answered every question, and we have the interview for you here.

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Letters, letters, letters! Our mailbox has been overflowing with the deluge of letters coming in. Why, in the past month since we published the last issue, we've gotten three letters!!! Ok, so we have a really small mailbox, and it's easy to overflow it. But the point is, we've gotten a few letters, all well worth reading. So, thank you, letter-writers! And to the rest of you, don't be afraid to write us! We love getting your comments, observations, and ideas.

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