by Edi Birsan

The Pouch: there is not a single section leader who will turn away help. Send an email to the section leaders (listed here) with a copy to Edi Birsan and let us see what you can do.

Diplomatic Corps (Computer folks WANTED):
Sascha writes that:
Two projects are still in the pipeline, and I need help from computer people for both:

  1. The long awaited automatic "Upcoming Events" database, first version is here.
  2. A feature that will automatically create a homepage for any GM that wants his game to have a web-based adjudication and who does not have the skills to build such a site himself."

    Contact: Sascha
    (it should be noted that David Norman has a hobby event calendar project nearly completed as we go to press. (Do web sites go to print or to electrons?)

Recruiters: needed everywhere; however, there is a special request from Israel to get its hobby going. Contact: Shlomi Yaakobovich

This project is looking for software writers to help maintain the existing ('C') email judge adjudicator code, as well as work on a number of new spin-off projects:

  1. njudge-web, a new web interface to the judge.
  2. njudge2, a rewrite of the existing code to a more maintainable form, discussed here.

    Contact: Millis Miller for further information.
Press Release Echo: in the Ancient Golden Age of the hobby (1960s-70s) the games were, for some, simply excuses to write entertaining or silly press releases. Casus Foederis is a current example of this (see article here). However, I would like to get from GMs or players some entertaining press releases which we can echo in the Pouch, so that this lost art form of the hobby can get a new revival.

If you are able to help in this or any other way, please just reply to me using the email link below with details of what you are volunteering to do. This is a great hobby which can only get greater with the more effort we all put into to it!

Edi Birsan

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