The World Cup Of Diplomacy

by Dorian Love

In most sports, the highest form of competitive play is the International, the Test Match, The World Cup, in which national teams compete to see which nation is the best in the World at their chosen sport. In Diplomacy there are tournaments, both face to face, and via the Internet in which players from many nations compete. There have been tournaments in which players are geographically chosen. However, there is no truly national team competition akin to a World Cup.

In late 2005 a group of E-mail players gathered at yahoo-groups to discuss and develop an E-mail effort called The World Cup. The idea is for teams along national or regional basis to compete in an email setting for the title of World Cup Champions. The group formed a charter that can be found at:

A World Cup Council has been elected, which will review bids and approve the selection of the hosting site. The current World Cup Council is made up of:

Those people interested in participating in the event or being the first to host the World Cup should make their intentions known to the group at: The format of the tournament is open for the host to decide so that it could be C-Diplo style as is common on the 18-centres site or any of the judge syntax games, or even a collection of hand operated games such as found on Redscape. The host prepares the scoring/ranking system and seems to have a fairly free hand in that matter.

If you would like further information on the event, or would like to prepare a bid to host the tournament, contact me via the link below, or subscribe to the yahoogroup above.

Dorian Love

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