Das German Language Hobby

By Julian Ziesing

Overview of sites:

Face To Face: www.diplomacy-bund.de
The German Diplomacy Association. The Diplomatic Corps main web site is rotated around the world at 2 year intervals. The German Dip. Association is the current host of www.DiplomaticCorps.org

Play by E-mail:

(all sites in German):

Major tournaments

The German hobby org

A Unique Aspect of the German Language Hobby:

The Ludomaniac abc system:

C group: you play your first game as novice, called c-player. You may only be in this one game at that time, and you may only play one such game. So each c game has new c players only.

B group: Once this game has reached fall 1904, you automatically become a B player. Now you can join one standard and one variant of category B at a time. So you can be sure people know what dip pbem is and they know the rules.

A group: When you put your ID card on a scanner and send the file to the Rat der Weisen council, they will upgrade you to A. Only A players can play A games including the full range of variants. That means a relatively high protection from fake accounts and NMR drop outs.

Besides, the social scoring point system lets you start your "career" with 5 points. For each game you play you lose 1 point. You can regain points by being GM (+7) or replacement player (+1). When your social score has dropped under 1, you can only start a new game every 3 months until you are back in the positive area.

Both systems have worked very well the recent years. We have a database for that. It also calculates the highscore, shows personal information about you if you like (age, pic, city, favourite opponent etc), and lets you search through all player and game records.

What can the international hobby do to help you all out?

Invite us to your tournaments.


Julian Ziesing

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