Diplomacy Car Bumper Stickers

Here are some that came across the desks and you may want to add some of your own ideas here. In fact if you really like some we can see if we can arrange to produce some and post them on Pouch Gear for you.
  1. I'm a Diplomacy player, my other car is a knife.
  2. I'm a Diplomacy player, my other car is your car.
  3. Diplomacy players do it with and without support.
  4. 'Make Love not War', be a Diplomacy player and lie about both.
  5. Diplomacy players are not perfect, they're perfected.
  6. Diplomacy is not an art form it is a Statement of Mind.
  7. Do not pass, I'm a Diplomacy player.
  8. I'm a Diplomacy player, do you really want to be in front of me?
  9. Diplomacy: a Game of Balance of Power, where you can have the balance as long as I have the power.
  10. Even to a Diplomacy player, the Mid-East makes no sense.

Edi Birsan

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