The Italian Speaking Diplomacy Hobby

by Giovanni Cesarini

The separate countries of San Marino and Italy represent the geographic region of the Italian Speaking hobby. Following on our last issues report on the French and German hobbies, Giovanni Cesarini has been kind enough to give us an overview.


The oldest Italian speaking convention is the San Marino Con held since 2000, organized by ASGS (Italian only). Since December 2004, the Italian Championship is held in Milan and organized by Davide Cleopadre here.

This year there has been three new Face to Face (FtF) conventions:

one in Brunate (Como) in June,
one in Narni (Terni) 9 Sep. and
Fossombrone (Pesaro/Urbino) is coming in Mid November.

All these five events are the current steps of the Italo-Sanmarinese Championship Diplomacy (CISD), which is now open to foreign people after last year's "autarchia". Current standing, calendar and contacts can be found here.

The charter of the tournament can be found at the ASGS's website. Some new steps are expected to be added next year or even the current one, but still there is nothing officially set.

The FtF hobby has a major List-server (or ML for Italian) which is here on YahooGroups. This is the easiest way to get in touch with Italian-speaking people playing Dip.

The Italian hobby has not yet made a formal organization as a National Recognized Association, although the CISD is run both by general meetings at major FtF event (San Marino and Milano) and a Tournament Directors List-server (ML). There is currently some talk about moving to the creation of a National Association, but it's just at the early steps. There are active playing groups in Milano, San Marino, Fossombrone (Marche), Terni (Umbria), Verona (Veneto), one forming in Roma (Lazio) and many people scattered around. A far from complete map of where Italian players live can be found here.

The key people to contact for organizing FtF both social or tournaments are the following:

Davide Celopadre (,
Leonardo Quirini (, (Terni and Rome)
Luca Pazzaglia (, (Fossombrone/Marche)
Giancarlo Ceccoli (San Marino/Romagna)
Alex Lebedev (Verona/Veneto) or
the main Italian FtF ML: ItDip

Playing by email

There are some Italian Play By e-Mail (PBeM) sites, many of them with their own attached mailing list.
Campo di marte: (mostly Italian, but it has an English section)
Molto Scarsi a Diplomacy: (Italian Only)
Around Diplomacy: (Italian Only, mostly variants)
Diplomacy e dintorni: (Italian Only)
Diplomacy By email: (under construction)
An Italian PBeM Championship is being organized on the site: Around Diplomacy.

Web Zines

Since mid of this year a couple of people began publishing an Italian Zine named La Guarnigione Assediata, which can be found here

Highlights on the next Italian Championship

Location: Milan, Corso Magenta 61 inside the "Giochi Sforzeschi" Convention
Date: 9-10 December 2006: 3 rounds, two on 9th, one (with top table) on 10th
Tournament Directors: Davide Cleopadre and Giovanni Cesarini
Email contacts:
Trasportation: Trains:
Airports: Linate and Malpensa :, Orio al Serio (BG):
Public Transpot in Milan:
Sightseeing ideas: (Milan is not Florence, but it has a few spots which worth a travel)
Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper: (in front of the venue, mandatory booking, internet booking currently with malfuctions) Main Churches (just in the ones in the center): The Duomo, San Ambrogio, Santa Maria delle Grazie (in front of the venue), San Lorenzo, San Satiro, Sant'Eustorgio, San Maurizio.
Main Museums: Pinacoteca di Brera (don't expect the Uffizi, but still remarkable), Pinacoteca e Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Ancient Codes), Milan Castle (Michelangelo's Pietą Rondanini) Museo di Arte moderna e contemporanea
Temporary Exposition: at Royal Palace (near the Duomo) More info can be found here:
Annual San Ambrogio's plain air fair (Near Sant'Ambrogio curch)
Artcraft Fair at Milan Fiera. (
Feel free to write me (Giovanni Cesarini for more information.

Needs of the Italian hobby

Tech people to make a main common Italian website
More people traveling to Conventions,
People writing articles and translating docs in Italian
More attention to area recruitment.

Giovanni Cesarini

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