There is a group forming in Moscow, Russia and they are looking to host their first Diplomacy face to face tournament. They may gather at the November game convention initially and then plan for a stand alone or otherwise event next year, contact Deep Walia.
There are some non-Russians living there that are starting the early efforts to get a FtF hobby going including Rob Schone from New Zealand and Christian Reichardt.
Europeans trying to help are Julian Ziesing and displaced Russian Alex Libedevi.


One of our friendly EDItor's long standing projects has been to get a video clip of the 5 minute teaching guide for Diplomacy so that it could be put on the web and downloaded or watched. After numerous starts and stops it is getting going with Steve Ross and Edi Birsan with a draft first run done at the recent Conquest in San Francisco. It is hoped to have a viewable working draft at The Whipping October 14-15 in Oakland.

Those with skills and TIME to devote to this can contact

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