Calls for volunteers

WDC 2007 in Vancouver

Re-running this from last time... There is always help needed for hosting a WDC! The upcoming WDC 2007 in Vancouver could use help in filling the following positions:

If you're willing to help out, please contact:

Mike Hall:

Riaz Virani:

Nathan Barnes:

Call for Articles!!

The Pouch needs as many good articles as it can get. If you enjoy reading the Pouch, why not consider writing something for it? We are open to a wide array of topics, mostly anything related to Diplomacy. Nothing political or offensive, but other things tangentially related to Diplomacy (ie. historical/social context, reviews of literature dealing with that time period, etc.) are just as welcome as tactical studies and strategic approaches. Also, stories of interesting and unique games at Cons, at home, or over the 'net are also desired! Get to work and let's make the S2007R issue a great one.

Write to, or click the link at the bottom of the page.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a public service announcement from Mr. Charles Roburn. Please note the huge incentive I am offering potential assistant editors -- being able to pick your own title. I think Charles has probably got the best one now, though.

The Pouch Zine needs YOU!!!

With the changing of the guard, our new Editor is looking to add more people to his team, to help him get the Pouch Zine out on time. We're a good and dedicated group. Unfortunately, there are only a few of us; we need your help!

I personally have taken on an important supporting role by assisting Heath as the Technical Support and Article Recruitment editor. However, there are plenty of other positions to be filled! We could also use a general Pouch Management editor; Projects, Operations, and Performance Efficiency editor; and so on through to the Article Recruitment Concerning Hasbro's Diplomacy in the United Kingdom and Europe editor.

So if the following apply to you:

Get in touch with us, and let us know you're willing to help! My fondest hope is that by the time Heath leaves us at the end of August, we'll have recruited six other assitant editors and we can all then duke it out for the top spot.


Charles Roburn

That's it! See you next time!

DP Zine Editors

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