by the Editor

Welcome, one and all, to yet another on-time issue of the Diplomatic Pouch!

Unfortunately, I can't take much credit for its timeliness this time around. See, last issue I mentioned something about the best-laid plans of broke fifteen-year-olds; I should have considered a thing or two about the best-laid plans of broke recent college graduates as well.

Life over the last month or two has been filled with change and the threat of change, which I kept hearing was supposed to happen after graduation from college, but until recently had been able to ignore. In the last month I've interviewed several times for and finally landed a new job (as advisor to the student writers at the university newspaper where I'll be attending graduate school), dealt with two different family health crises, and had to unexpectedly move out of my old place. I have been staying with friends and looking for a new place — which I've finally found — and now have a set date of June 8th on which to move. While I've been staying with friends, I haven't even had my own computer with me, so I've had to traverse to the far-off lands of the public library to tend to my email (and I am proud to say I've managed to not go abandoned in the Dip game I'm in! Though I've been late a couple of times.) I don't have my Zine templates, any of the writing I've been working on in any genre, because it's all in my hard drive, on my computer, in storage.

So basically, this is all to say I haven't done much work at all on this particular issue of the Zine — and while the time between last issue and this one has gone by I've talked with Charles about the various goings-on in my life and the future of this publication. He has been remarkably understanding about my situation and responded only by stepping up his involvement in the Zine even more. (Seriously, how can a guy this nice be any good at Diplomacy? Just kidding, Charles!) Honestly, it became pretty clear that he was already acting as Lead Editor, so I asked him if he'd like the title outright. He agreed, and there was much rejoicing. Carl Dawson and Rahul Sinha deserve huge commendation as well for picking up a lot of the HTML-coding slack on this issue — the assistant editorial staff is growing, and that is a *very* good thing. Thanks, guys.

As I mentioned last issue, I was planning on stepping down in August anyway, but while the time-frame changed a little bit, so did my post-Editor plan. Before I agreed to take this job I said I wanted to "A) produce quality issues of the Zine and B) find someone good to take over as Editor once I leave." Well, I obviously accomplished B — I think Charles is going to be one of the best editors this Zine has had (though obviously Manus's work will never be surpassed.) And you could argue that I accomplished A, at least if you change that statement to the singular rather than plural.

But my plan as far as what to do once a new Editor was found has changed. Basically, instead of stepping down completely, I want to switch roles with Charles. My time is limited because everything in my life is changing (almost all in a positive way.) But that's not to say I don't still have the Dip bug. I'm still committed to seeing this Zine put out quality issues on schedule. So, if Charles still wants my help, I would be more than happy to continue working as an Assistant Editor, writing a "feature" style article every issue, and doing my share of the HTMLing.

So, fear not, devoted Pouch fans. This changing of the guard does not mean that the Pouch is once again bound for a long period of hibernation. We are passionate about the Pouch's continued flourishing, and have found several people who feel the same way and want to help. And believe me: I've talked with him quite a bit over e-mail, and I can say that with Charles Roburn at the helm, this Zine is in good hands. And, of course, this isn't the last you'll hear from me, either.

Enjoy the Zine, and hurry back for F2007M! Take it away, Charles!

the Editor

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