Diplomacy at WDC 2008

by Sebastian Beer

After having dealt with Austria in general (in part one of this short series) and Diplomacy in Austria (as you could read in part 2), part 3 of "WDC 2008 in Austria" is finally giving you all the solid facts you need to know if you are interested in enjoying Diplomacy together with us in August of this year. I'm going to give you some first impressions about what WDC 2008 is going to be like.

Getting there and back again

It will probably never be this easy to get to the venue of a WDC again. All you have to do is come to Vienna (by train, by plane, by car, whatever). There you take our shuttle bus directly to the venue and back again. That's it. You don't have to worry about train tickets, finding other players with cars, or anything. WDC more or less starts at the airport/train station in Vienna.


We are aware that Diplomacy isn't the only reason why people come to Diplomacy Conventions. To us it seems that the more Cons people attended so far, the more they come to meet their friends and drink and have a good time. Anyway, both reasons to attend WDC will be taken care of. We'll be playing Diplomacy all day long, don't worry! But the evenings are there to socialize, play other games, drink and eat. There won't be any dipping on Thursday (the day you arrive), and there won't be dipping after 8 p.m. on the following days either. Which means that after a hard days work is done, we all settle down somewhere, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and some decent drinks, and do what we really come to Conventions for.


Speaking of the surroundings: it is going to be breathtaking. It is not my style to burst out with superlatives, but in this case… Imagine a castle like those you have seen in movies. Imagine it a bit smaller, but more realistic. Put it in an astonishing landscape, lots of woods near by, a lake… Now, here is the original:

Across the lake

As seen from across the lake

(Click for a full-size view in a separate window)

A closer view

A closer view
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And remember, this is a REAL castle. Real people built it 800 years ago. This place has breathed history. And we are going to eat and play and hang around in it! Some of us will even sleep in it.


Even at small Cons, people do have different preferences when it comes to accomodation. The typical student may want something as simple and cheap as possible; he doesn't need his own room, bathroom, and so on. Other people may want more comfort, and are ready to pay for it. We therefore offer three kinds of accomodation, starting from 99.- Euros for three days accomodation, full board (breakfast, snack, dinner, tournament) up to 215.- Euros (bed in a room in the castle itself, everything else just like the cheaper package). For more detailed descriptions of the types of accomodation, please check our website:



If you decide to join us, please sign up at our website


Please register as soon as possible, because the rooms are only reserved for us until the end of May. After that, the hotel is going to give them away (and it is a well-booked hotel). We know that this is a very unusual situation for you, and that usually it's possible to register up until the very start of the tournament. But in our case this is impossible. So make up your mind quickly, and register today! Better now than too late.

Team Tournament

Yes, there will be a team title as well as individual awards. Teams will be formed by three players, and their results from round 2 and 3 will add up to a team result. The team with the highest team result will be proclaimed "Champion Team".

Further questions

If you have further questions, please take a look at our website:


…and especially at our FAQ:


Your question is likely to have been answered there already. If there still are questions, don't hesitate to contact me:


I looking forward to seeing you all at what will be the biggest Diplomacy party of the year!

Sebastian Beer

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