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Hasbro Prints a New Diplomacy Set!

After a few years of the game being out of print, Hasbro has just released a new set to celebrate the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of the game's commercial debut:

This eagerly-awaited new edition includes:

The set has been in stores since mid-March 2008.

Results of the 15th Annual Stratagem Tournament

James Istvanffy sends us the following report on the final game in the Stratagem tournament that was held at The Sentry Box in Calgary this past January, as advertised in previous installments of Just Passing Through:

We had three Diplomacy games (all 7 players each) and a 4 person game of Machiavelli also was played.

I will simply give you the counties name and who was playing that country followed by supply centers totals for each year and a bracketed (number) of a likely outcome if play had continued.

England/Avram Lytton355455(7)
France/Tom Smith355532(1)
Germany/Robin Ho356675(4)
Italy/Brian Mitenko345545(4)
Austria-Hungary/Bruce Beckett344433(1)
Russia/Bruce Renton464556(6)
Turkey/Todd Honkala355578(11)

Todd Honkala was the winner. Turkey was declared to have won in 1907.

From Berlin to Vienna!

The following message comes to us from Julian Ziesing: if you're going to WDC 08 in Vienna this year, maybe you can double your fun!

Hi all!

I hope you all had a great Xmas time. Here 2 good news for summer 2008:

1. BerliCon V will be August 8th-10th

The date is easy to remember: 08/08/08. We will be at a cozy and charming place close to the city center which makes sightseeing and clubbing really easy. We will have the venue for ourselves, with cheap beds and gaming rooms open day and night. On top of that good German beer and the opportunity to play football or beach volleyball. If you prefer a hotel that can be arranged as well. It will be the good old German style with the typical "family atmoshpere" :-)

2. Ber-Vie!! The double convention with 3 days vacation

As you might notice, BerliCon will be exactly 1 week before the WDC in Austria. That's no coincidence :-) Like in 2006, we will have a double convention again. A warm-up before the big event. This time we will start in Berlin, and end up in Vienna where the bus will take us directly to Burg Lockenhaus, the WDC castle.

The route is to be discussed. Via Hamburg? Munich? Dresden? Prague? In the end there might be several groups (and a discussion which one is the "main" group ;-) ). Most important thing is that it will be fun. Being together with dip players outside a convention has proven to be totally different (and much more relaxed) from meeting them on the convention only.

For more information have a look at the Ber-Vie website, and contact us at:


Happy New Year! :-)


The HuskyCon VI Web Site Is Up

The Woodring family has become famous in Diplomacy hobby circles for their annual HuskyCon tournament. Fans will be glad to know that the HuskyCon VI Web Site is now up!

The site is full of helpful information about HuskyCon, your HuskyCon hosts, additional activities for the weekend, and advice on how to get there. If you're free the weekend of August 1-3 and would like to play Diplomacy and just generally enjoy yourself with a friendly crowd, check it out — everyone is invited!

Hobby Help Wanted

The Diplomatic Pouch needs YOU!

As always, the Pouch needs more articles. With our fiftieth issue coming up a scant two months from now, we need your input more than ever! If you've ever thought about writing something for the Pouch, now is the time!

Send your suggestions, comments, and questions to the Editor at editor@diplom.org without delay!

Remember, the Pouch depends on YOU!

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