Pouch Deposits

The Editor and the Readership

This issue, we have an intriguing suggestion for the DPjudge, and the announcement of a new Zine's second issue.

Mail Received Concerning
The DPjudge

From Dave Hunt (mojohunt2@mac.comk):

Dear Editor,

Wouldn't it be cool if, at the end of a game, the game history would include all the hitherto private press? I'd definitely enjoy playing a game with that feature. Is it technically feasible? Would one of our computer savvy gamemasters undertake this?

Editor's response: I completely agree! You may already have seen our Showcase section, which includes several examples of games played by extremely good players, along with all the press. These are highly recommended, although the amount of press can be overwhelming at first…

On a smaller scale, several a few game Masters have kept track of the press throughout the game. For example, Chris Cunningham did so in hindsight_01, which unfortunately ended abortively. More recently, I myself recently played in Dave Coe's chronicle game, where all players received a copy of all press after the game's end. I found it fascinating to go over the press after the fact, and see what everyone had been thinking at various points in the action, and I hope Dave will soon start another game in this series.

As far as I know, however, both these Game Masters collected the press themselves. At present, there is no option for collecting the press and revealing it automatically after the game. However, maybe we can convince one of the DPjudge maintainers to add such a feature…

An Announcement Received Concerning
Th' Edge of Th' Abyss Zine

From Philip Murphy(trekkypj@gmail.com):

Hi guys!

After an extended hiatus, Issue 2 of Th' Edge of Th' Abyss is *finally* online.

Lots in this issue, so check it out and get in touch if you've any feedback or comments.

Oh, and before I forget, Join the new Yahoo! group for the zine, which can be found by searching for 'thedgeofthabyss' at www.yahoogroups.com.


Philip Murphy
Editor Emerit(ass), Th' Edge of Th' Abyss
Th' Edge of Th' Abyss

Well, there you have it. Another Deposits column. Yep, it sure is.