by the Editor

Welcome to the Spring 2009 Movement issue of the Pouch!

I'd like to open by thanking Tony Cheng for setting up a Facebook account for the Pouch. It's linked on our front page, but just to make sure you see it, you can find it here. If you have a FaceBook account, please friend us right away! And tell your Diplomacy-playing friends about us too!

This issue features a number of interesting articles, including Lucas Kruijswijk's quest to find the perfect Diplomacy adjudication algorithm and information about the upcoming WDC at Origins in Columbus, Ohio. There are also plenty of articles on strategy, hobby-related announcements, and — best of all — not just one, but two Bismark Lectures!

As always, I'll conclude by repeating my constant mantra: the content of the Pouch depends on YOU! Write about your favorite strategy as Turkey, or the most interesting approach you've ever used for your press. Anything that involves Diplomacy is a good topic. Please, don't be shy!

The next issue will be the Spring 2009 Retreat, with a submissions deadline of May 1st and a publication date of May 31st.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor

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