by the Editor

Welcome to the Spring 2009 Retreat issue of the Pouch!

This is relatively short issue, but that's standard for our Retreat issues. This time we have a few articles on variants: a continuation of our series on two-center powers in the Ambition & Empire variant, a new variant by John Kyker, and the beginning of a demonstration game of 1900. We also have a slew of reports on the recent Whipping Tournament in San Francisco. And of course, we also have strategy articles on good, solid old standard Diplomacy!

As always, I'll conclude by repeating my constant mantra: the content of the Pouch depends on YOU! Articles are always welcome, and anything related to Diplomacy is a suitable topic.

The next issue will be the Fall 2009 Retreat, with a submissions deadline of August 1st and a publication date of August 31st.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor

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