by the Editor

At last — at long last — Welcome to the Spring 2010 Movement issue of the Pouch!

Alas. I owe all of our faithful readers a profound apology for taking so very, VERY long to produce this next issue of the Pouch. (In keeping with standing tradition — and partly because I did start it before the beginning of the year, honest! — I've decided to call it Spring 2010 Movement, even though by the calendar it's should be Fall 2010 Retreat.) I'm afraid I don't have any one explanation — I've been partly burnt out, partly busy with other commitments, partly short of articles, partly short of quality articles.

I think that last item has been the biggest problem. After the last published issue (that is, the Fall 2009 Movement Issue), I received very few submissions for the next one. I did try to solicit for articles, but without results. That was discouraging, and my attempts became fewer and farther between. After a while I'm afraid I just stopped trying altogether, and got caught up in other things. My fault, I know. It was only a month and a half ago, when a message to the DP Council from a concerned reader sparked a conversation on our mailing list, that I really started to get in gear again.

When I first took over as editor at the beginning of 2007, I had a lot more time and energy to ask for contributions from people, and I think many authors who hadn't written for a while were willing to jump back in again at that time. That seemed to be enough to sustain the Zine for a good two years plus. My hope is that after the past year of relative inactivity, the situation is comparable now, and the rough patch that we've just been through will mark the beginning of a new renaissance for the Zine.

However, that will depend as always on our volunteers. I've always found that converting a submission from its original format to HTML is usually not too difficult — I generally just have to paste it into the template, insert the appropriate HTML heading and paragraph tags, plus some formatting to add italics and/or bolding, and maybe a link or two. Tables, images, and lists are slightly more complicated, but not too much so. In fact, I enjoy the technical challenge.

But getting articles? THAT is what's most difficult.

So please — if you would like to see the Zine return reliably to its regular schedule, help us out! Write an article! Volunteer to solicit articles from others! Now more than ever, the content of the Pouch depends on YOU and your contributions. I am grateful to the authors and DP Council members who helped to get this issue off the ground, but it will take some work to sustain the effort. If you have even a little time to help, please consider doing so. And I hope you'll forgive the delay between this issue and the one before it — I'll try my best to make sure that never happens again!

In the meantime, I hope that our selection of articles in this issue will inspire you to help us keep going. Have a look, and see what you think.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor

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