by the Editor

Welcome to the Spring 2012 Movement issue of the Pouch!

As our longtime readers will know, it's been a sparse time for the Diplomatic Pouch Zine for a while now. I finished the exceedingly belated Spring 2010 Movement Issue together in October of that year. While I hoped that would restart some momentum, it soon became clear to me that I wouldn't be able to live up to the duties of the Editorship for much longer, and with regret I officially offered my resignation to the DP Council. (They're the offical leadership of this site — or as official as we get, at least. I'm afraid the list is a bit out of date...)

Since that time, nobody has taken up the position, in spite of Manus' efforts to find a suitable successor. As a result, we've just gone through the longest period of inactivity since the Zine began. We didn't have even a single issue in 2011. That's unfortunate.

However, we're still here!

As you can see, this is a small issue. And while I was happy to put it together this time, I'm afraid it's only a on a one-time basis: my resignation still stands.

However, I believe that the Zine can and will continue without me. You can see when you look at the main Zine index that this isn't the first time that there's been a long interval between issues. The Zine has experienced quite a few extended periods of inactivity in the past, but each time it has rebounded to come back stronger than before. I think that's fairly natural for any volunteer-based endeavour: volunteers come in with great enthusiasm and fresh ideas, and breathe new life into the publication or organization. However in time, after making their contribution, they tend to move on to other things. And if there hasn't been an influx of more new volunteers in the meantime, that can lead to the kind of lull that we've seen... until the next band of eager volunteers steps in.

I know that the Zine is a valued respository of Diplomacy knowledge, even when the gaps between issues are lengthy. And I'm sure that our fans want to see it continue to add to that body of knowledge in the future. As it should: Diplomacy is such a versatile and infinitely flexible game that there are many, many topics left to be discussed.

However — as I've said many time before — that depends on YOU. (Yes, that means YOU, sir or madam! I'm talking to YOU!) The Zine needs new people to provide new enthusiasm and fresh input. The sooner you (yes, YOU!) step forward and volunteer, the sooner it can resume its role as a leading active publication of the Diplomacy hobby. I encourage you to help us come back stronger than ever: write the Editor mailing list at editor@diplom.org today!

And with that pep talk finished — I hope you enjoy the articles we've managed to assemble for this issue.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor (Retired)

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