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Hello everyone,

With great regret, I must tell you that there is no Spring 2012 Retreat Issue.

However, we do plan to have a Fall 2012 Movement Issue. A volunteer has offered to solicit articles for it, so provided he gets enough, we should be able to offer another issue by September.

As always that depends on YOU! The Pouch relies on external contributions from Diplomacy fans; without your input, the Zine wouldn't exist. More than ever before, I encourage people to submit articles — we can't publish without them!

So please, if you've ever considered writing something for the Zine, please do! We accept articles on just about any aspect of Diplomacy; strategy, negotiation, variants, Diplomacy-related humor, historical background — anything that interests you will likely interest our other readers. You can submit your articles as text, a Word document, or in any other format you choose. But please, submit them! You can send your articles to me at

The Pouch Zine needs YOU!!!

In the meantime, I encourage our readers to look back over our past issues. There's plenty of good material in there that's worth reading, or revisiting even if you've seen it before. And who knows? Maybe it will inspire your next article!

Charles Roburn
The Editor (retired)

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