by the Editor

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Movement issue of the Pouch!

We managed to end 2013 on a strong note, and I hope very much that we'll be able to continue that trend in 2014. This issue has a plethora of articles on the Machiavelli variant, not only one but TWO (2!) case files from Sherlock Holmes, advice for the Président de la République in both Standard Diplomacy and 1900, and much more!

However… (and here comes my usual plea…)

As always, we need your help to keep the Pouch going! Please, submit your own article to editor@diplom.org for the next issue, the Spring 2014 Retreat issue at the end of May. Remember, the continuing health of the Pouch Zine depends on your contributions. Write something for us today!

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The (Managing) Editor

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