The Diplomacy Emotion Survey

by Larry Peery


I am conducting a survey of Diplomacy players of all types regarding the feelings they have experienced during playing the game of Diplomacy Here is the basic information.

First, I hope no matter what kind of Dipper you are, how much experience you have had, or where you are located, you will take a few moments to fill out this survey, and then return it to me.

Second, if you are a PBM or PBEM zine publisher, or FTF event host, I hope you will reprint and distribute this survey in your publications or at your event. If English is your second language, please translate the survey form into your own language, distribute it, and don't forget to send me a copy (with an English translation).

The bigger the response, the more interesting the results should be.

Third, individual responses will not be revealed, so feel free to tell it like it was. You are welcome to share specific comments or illustrations regarding the various feelings listed.

The results, along with whatever lessons I can learn from them, will be published wherever and by whomever is interested.

If you have any questions, send them to me at, or use the mail address: Larry Peery, 6103 Malcolm Dr., San Diego, CA 92115, USA.

The receipt deadline for all responses is 1 March 1997. You can postal mail or email your responses. No FAX please.

Instructions: Thirty emotions and five possible degrees of response are listed. Please choose only one response to express the amount of that feeling you experienced during the game or event you are describing. Remember, there are no right or wrong responses in this survey. Before you begin please answer the following two questions:
  1. My name is
  2. My postal address is
  3. My e-mail address is
  4. This is a report on my feelings during
  5. I have been playing this kind of Diplomacy for years.
  6. Here's how I felt:
     exhausted,  confused,  ecstatic,  guilty,  suspicious,  angry,  hysterical,  frustrated,  sad,  confident,  embarassed.  happy.  mischievous,  disgusted,  frightened,  enraged,  ashamed,  cautious,  smug,  depressed,  overwhelmed,  hopeful,  lonely,  lovestruck,  jealous,  bored,  surprised,  anxious,  shocked, and  shy.
  7. I wish to receive a copy of the results.
Thanks for your help and participation!

Larry Peery

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