What's New for the New Year

Simon Szykman

Happy New Year!

Some of you may recall that in 1995 The Diplomatic Pouch appeared as a web-based Diplomacy zine. Then, at the beginning of 1996, we unveiled The Diplomatic Pouch as a full blown Diplomacy resource, which in addition to the zine, was to provide information about all aspects of Diplomacy to all player communities.

Although there is no way to pull off a repeat performance of the magnitude of last year's upgrade, we decided to try to do another overhaul of The Pouch for 1997. Some of the new things you'll see around here are ideas we came up with on our own; others are ideas that were submitted via the survey which you may have noticed appeared on our pages back in November.

We've tried to be responsive to the feedback that we've gotten, but few of the people who filled out the survey took the time to send in comments and it's hard for us to guess at what people want. If you have suggestions on how we can improve The Pouch, please let us know... we're listening.

Follow the links below to find out about:

Things That Came
Changes over the past year.

The New Stuff!
The newest additions to The Pouch which were done for our New Year's remodeling.

Things To Come
Some of the things you have to look forward to at The Pouch.

Simon Szykman

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