Solution to the Cryptic Postcard Puzzle

[The Cryptic Postcard Puzzle can be found here]

... "Do you know how many days he travelled?" I asked. M mumbled something about a well used expense account and told me what I needed to know. And before we had finished our drinks I told M what he wanted to know:

"On Wednesday, the German spy arrived in St. Petersburg and the Italian spy arrived in Vienna, on Thursday, the English spy arrived in Berlin and the Russian spy arrived in Ankara, on Friday, the French spy arrived in Rome, on Saturday, the Austrian spy arrived in London, and on Sunday, the Turkish spy arrived in Paris."

"Ah yes," said M, "That's just what I thought." He rose to pour himself another drink, scratching his neck as he walked away, undoubtedly feeling my glare upon him as he walked across the room.

Brian Kieslich
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