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Winter 2003 Adjustment Issue

John Coffin:  About The Diplomatic Pouch
Winter adjustments is an appropriate term. The Zine is back after a brief delay and with it comes a new editor.

Will Abbott:  Toward a Theology of Military Games
Einstein once said that "God doesn't play dice," but what about Diplomacy? Will Abbott discusses military board games using a theological approach.

Edi Birsan:  Card Diplomacy
If you've ever been frustrated by your own misorders (i.e. the unintentional ones) or enjoy the variants where all players remain seated, then this little exercise may be to your liking.

Edi Birsan with input from Andy Marshall:  The North American DIPCON XXXVI Report
DipCon, Tempest 2003: The Effort, the Tradition and the Honor.

Edi Birsan:  Triple Play
A comprehensive analysis of different triples and advice on how to get them to work.

David E Cohen:  Death at the Calhamer Club
Sir Owen's real killer is finally revealed by Holmes at the Calhamer Club.

Chris Dziedzic & Bill Leake:  1900: The Franco-German Alliance
Why consider a France-German alliance in the 1900 variant? Here are a few excellent reasons.

Eric Hunter:  Solo Percentages
Eric takes a few minutes to deliver the latest FRIGATE results ranging from wins, losses, and five-way draws.

Frank Mayer:  Overheard at the Ministry of Finance
Frank discusses differences affecting play, best play alternatives, and the unique characteristics of each power. Although this is intended for the Payola enthusiasts, good advice for the standard Diplomacy player can be found.

Larry Peery:  Euro DIPCON XI Report
Giancarlo Ceccoli and San Marino, Italy, play host to the European community and a new champion is crowned in 2003.

Larry Peery:  DIPCON 2004: Portland, Oregon
April is just around the corner. Here's some words from Larry about Portland and what to expect.

Larry Peery:  WORLD DIPCON 2004: On the Road to Brum, Land of Hope and Glory
Heading to WDC 2004 in Birmingham, England? Larry Peery has advice on how to get there and what to do while you're there including a possible side-trip to London.

Ray Setzer:  The Five Stages of Elimination
Getting stabbed and eliminated creates a very individual and personal response from the victim. As they head to their symbolic deaths, they go through a process that is surprisingly similar to the real thing.

Josť Luis FernŠndez Valoni:  The Lapland Southern Draw
Lapland is region of extreme northern Europe which includes northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Here's how one player found success in the Arctic Circle.

The Editors and the Readership:  Pouch Deposits
The Pouch Deposits are here!


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