by the Assistant Interim Editor

Wow. "Assistant Interim Editor". Quite a mouthful, eh?

But officially that's my title. As noted in the Fall 2006 Movement issue, our revered editor Edi Birsan relinquished his post at the end of the year. This issue represents his last as editor — at least until we can lure him back. :-)

Our new (interim) editor is Heath Gardner, who will be taking over until he leaves us in August for graduate school. Long-time readers may remember Heath from previous issues of the Zine, where he described his first venture into the Diplomacy publishing industry. He's certainly made the big time now! Unfortunately circumstances have prevented him from writing the introduction to the Winter 2006 Adjustment issue this week; but he will be back in ample time to introduce the Spring 2007 Movement issue, which we've already been working on.

Heath has a whole team behind him — I for one will be helping him actively (hence the 'assistant interim editor' thing), as will Scott Webster, Dorian Love, and Millis Miller. For many of us, this issue has been something of a test run to learn the inner mechanics of putting together an issue of the DP Zine, working with the material that Edi and Millis provided. Now, we know what to do. We know the passwords and the secret handshake. We're ready.

So send us articles! Send us mail! We'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy The Pouch!

Charles Roburn
for the Editor

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