Brief hits from around the hobby

from Chris Babcock

There was a problem on the judge USAK run by Chris Babcock, and he has sorted it out posting the following on Dipsters@yahoogroups.com:

I'm comfortable that the website is stable. With a means of communicating with players in place, the judge will follow soon. The dialog here is responsible for the influence noted on the site:


Please keep an eye on the "News" section for updates and refer anyone asking about the state of the judge to the page. I will be ignoring all mail relating to the judge until I believe it to be operational. Also, please be prepared to receive a rash of odd mail if you have sent the judge any mail since December 17th. I'll put an explanatory note in the judge headers, but it's possible that some types of response don't include the header. In general, if you were playing a game and submitted orders after the outage then you will receive mail later this week to the effect that the game does not exist or that you are not registered on the judge. The headers will contain additional instructions or a link to such.


PS - Please forward this to rec.games.diplomacy for me as I don't have time to rehack my Google password at the moment (and Usenet hasn't even made the event horizon of my project list)

Web Data of Face to Face

The project of a central database of FtF tournaments has added as its latest function a record of social games played in clubs around the world. This amazing database and the work behind it is one of the most positive steps in the hobby support system in a long time, and will get this EDItors support for the Miller Award for 2006.

For more information, you can see it at: http://www.eurodip.eu/

You can also write to Laurent 'Joly' (jolylaur1@hotmail.com) or Emmanuel Du Pontavice (msr_51@hotmail.com).

Web-based Dip

There have several web based Diplomacy sites where you can play THE game.

The most notable has been on the www.18centres.com site, which is in French, and is limited to a C-Diplo style 1907 ending game. It has hosted literally hundreds of games, with over 500 players believed to be using it currently. The limits of French and the C-Diplo 1907 have held it back from a greater world wide circulation.

Paradox has a web based system that requires their PC box game and is limited to real time only with their game system and site that is no longer supported. There is also now Jeremie Lefrancois's site www.stabbeurfou.org that is perfecting the web based play with English/French and soon to be expanded to Spanish, German, Italian and Portugese. The site and system will be the location of the first Diplomacy World Cup based on a roughly national basis, as previously described by Dorian Love and others of the Dip World Cup Committee.

The English version is presently in final play test. The use of the web based systems is probably the next wave of Diplomacy E-mail hosting and will most likely replace the judge systems rather quickly since it has a lot that the judges do not, such as graphic display, easier order writing, Easier communication with other players, and all the benefits of a web site rather than an e-mail text exchange. For more info write to:

jeremie (dot) lefrancois (at) gmail (dot) comr

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