by Will Black

Author's Note: Not all of the following is true. Names are left out to avoid any harsh words and bad language and general unfriendliness.

Got on the Bird and headed to Melbourne, off to the venue on the bus full of air then onto the Greasing Train. The Train was slow but got to the venue just after 12:30.

Just in time to become England in the second game. I usually like England but today was after a long passage to get here. So on we go. Moved full steam ahead and banged into Russia, started working away then what is this France has put the latex glove on and is shafting me. Nooooooo! Have a quick and frank word with him and it is just a ruse — he plans to move on Italy. But noooo. He has really shafted me… And at the same time is shafting Germany. It helps that Italy refuses to build and thus no pressure, no guts, no glory.

At this time my guts were all over the place. But trying to help Germany fend off the French, who by now are taking camp in Liverpool and Wales. A move to Scandinavia was looking good, so while I could I brokered a deal with France to take one home center a year unopposed while I went for the top corner. Got the top, and kept London when a hand-holding 7-way draw was established. Oh; and in the East AIR were taking a stick to the poor Turk and he managed to survive, well done to him.

Game two, off to the races with Italy. By this time I had been awake for over 24 hours and my moves and skill was low. But I saw France coming, and so blocked him in Pie. Just as well. Mun - Tyl and Mar - Pie were ordered. So on to my 4th coke and high on the sugar, I had some fries but usually can not eat when playing… Got my big stick out and started working on the French… But he had a blow torch and pliers and started to take me apart. So in 1904 I offered him all my centers as I wanted out of the game. Strangely he did not accept, but instead insisted that we work together. I am now but a puppet and move as my master wills. I move left, I move right. All I see is daylight. I march into Munich and build, then I march into Kie and build. I should have given up before, I am doing better now… How he doesn't catch on.

Meanwhile RT were fighting Austria and sometimes fighting each other, a bit of a love / hate relationship. England was having real problems with the North , at one point with one eye open I could see England getting eliminated. England managed somehow to push back the Russian and get a foot hold at the top corner. This is where is all got ugly, I think somebody played Mob War or Vendetta as my master takes a center off me. Yes just 1, I had all 4 open and at one stage Turkey asked if I was going to take back Rome and Naples , I said , "Still own them!" Hands off!

So I was a little pissed off, 1 center, I wanted to give you all of them, and then had to continue in the game and then you stab me for 1 , nooooooo. Time to put the Latex glove on and start dealing to France. Just got ready and time was called on the day, just as well I think my attack would have failed at that late stage.

Onto Power Grid, or thou, I was a little sleepy I got the hang of the game and won, woo hoo! Then off for some fried Japanese, very good (And yes they do taste like Chicken). Then off to the base for some more Power Grid, this time it was won with rubbish, can you believe that, rubbish…

Morning, coffee, then Brunch, well at least I thought so... I was the last of the 5 to receive my meal and it was "Toast" WTF… got the waitress and slapped her around the head. "French Toast" not "Toast" come on… What is worse they took another 20-30 mins to get my replacement, and by that time my fellow travelers were finished, and I told the waitress where she could stick her food. Then I was informed that I would have to pay for meal and if I would like it still. I said no, I will not be paying for the meal and I would not like it still. Then queue crazy talk… I apparently ordered the "Fruit Toast" not the "French Toast" I did repeat "French Toast" twice on ordering. But no, now I would have to pay for both the "Fruit Toast" and the "French Toast" , at this point our leader took the matter up with the manager. 30 Mins later he was happy and the manager was walking funny. Just as well I was not that hungry.

Back to the action where it was left last night. I was in a better head space and was back in the action. Time to attack France. England gets his Latex Fist ready and gooooooooooo. Finished with Paris and Mar, Rome and Naples. With England getting 15 and Turkey 9. Now rest.

Time for some Family Business, I was the up against two rival families and it was a bloody war with each family going do to one each left. Bam , one gone. Then a trade off between the last two, Bam, and I win. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Game 3 , This time Germany. Strange game this one. I started off with a Frenchman that wanted to attack England — OK, let's go. Got my suitcase, will travel. But then the old switch-a-roo. (Roos , Taste like Chicken also). So start again. Russia suggested that I was in the gun, which is what I was thinking also. So offered Munich to Italy. So he could play two fleets toward France. England was friendly but I think he is hiding something. France wants Bel. Ok.

02 , Italy and France are on. England takes Bel with my support then next season tries to take Hol, WTF, I don't think so Charlie Brown. I had stopped that attack but this trickster was up to no good. He was also attacking Russia. Then the move that swing me full circle. I was in Bur and going great with Italy against France and trying to get England to move South then I lose Den. What, England takes Denmark from me? That's it, forget France I am taking on England. I take Bel, and build a fleet. Italy had transferred Munich to Austria, that was not nice… Then I was pushing on England more with Russia's help. Somehow I build a third fleet. After getting Denmark back, that same year Russia got Swe and Norway. England managed Bre but that is all, with Italy coming around the corner he is dead. France now owns Munich… not sure why Austria wanted Munich if he was going to leave it unguarded. Then I pushed into the North Sea, and France took Berlin. End of game. Which is a shame as I wanted to eliminate England.

So each game I lost 1 or more home centers (Lvp, Edi as England, Ven as Italy, and Mun and Ber as Germany). To say I didn't really find a friend during the weekend was an understatement.

Meanwhile on the other Board a Frenchman got a 19. WOW! Well Done.

Back on the Greasing Train, and bus full of air and got the bird out of town…

Great weekend..Thanks for the place to stay and great times. Thanks to the organiser, an all-round nice guy.

Stab you soon!

Will Black

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