by the Editor

Happy New Year!

We end 2008 with another short but fairly well-rounded issue. (In spite of my hopes, I did need some time after the holiday season to put it together after all.) My thanks to all our contributors, and especially to Doug Kent of Diplomacy World for offering even more help than usual for this issue.

I'm hoping to have more material for our next issue — and I've had the opportunity to discuss new projects with frequent contributors — but as always, the content of the Pouch depends on the submissions we get. I invite/encourage/beg you to make writing an article one of your New Year's resolutions! If you need suggestions, let me know: for example, I notice that we've had an awful lot of material on Germany in recent issues, so it would be great to have more articles on the other countries to balance them out…

The next issue will be the first of 2009, the Spring Movement, with a submissions deadline of March 1st and a publication date of March 31st.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor

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