by Martin Asal

The DEUS Judge has a long tradition of holding NoPress tournaments: since 2001, there has been one every year. The upcoming tournament, np2013, is the third one I’ve run.

Over the years, the rules have been modified slightly. But the scoring system has been approximately the same since the tournament’s inception 12 years ago. Every player plays seven games simultaneously, one as each power. To decide our winner, we use a well-developed scoring system:

  1. Winning Points: A solo win is worth 600 points. In case of a draw, these points will be divided between the winners.

  2. Survival Points: Each power with at least one supply center at the end of the game gets 100 points. For the winner(s), these points are supplemental.

  3. SC Points: The survivors get one point for each supply center they own at the end of the game. Powers without a supply center at the end of game get points for each year they’d reached before elimination. For every year alive, they’d get as many points as their supply center count. There is a maximum of 99 supply center Points for each power.

In other words: for a solo, you’ll get 718 points (or 719, if you’re able to get 19 SCs). In case of a 2-way draw, you’ll get 417 points; for a 3-way draw, 300 points plus 1 point for every SC, and so on. If you’re able to survive — without participating in a draw — you’ll get 100 points plus one point for every SC. If you’re eliminated, you’ll get points depending on the number of SCs you occupied during the game, but the maximum an eliminated power can score is 99 points.

With this system, solos are still most important, but on the other hand, it’s worth fighting to the end even in games where you don’t have a chance — you will need every point! An effect of this is that dying powers don’t usually give unmotivated hold orders, and there are very few Civil Disorders.

Everyone can sign into the np2013 tournament until January 7, 2013. You’re invited! Have a look at

Martin Asal

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