by the Editor

Welcome to the Winter 2012 Adjustment issue of the Pouch!

As you can see, we're ending the year with a bang. Even though it's a Winter issue, this is the biggest issue of the Pouch Zine that we've had for quite a while!

Once again, a great deal of the credit goes to Chris Babcock for collecting all these submissions from so many different authors. Without his efforts, I'd have nothing to work on, instead of the cornucopia of articles you see in this issue!

I also want to thank Heath Gardner for all his help. Not only has he taken on the task of writing a regular column (new in this issue — our first new column in a long, long time!); he also has been acting as our Copy Editor. We're adding to our editorial lineup!

It looks like the Zine really is finding its feet once again. I'm very happy that we seem to be in recovery, and I hope this will continue strongly into 2013.

As always, I'll close by encouraging you all to help this trend continue by submitting your own articles — or just an e-mail or two on articles that have already been written — to editor@diplom.org for the next issue, which will be the Spring 2013 Movement issue in March. The official deadline for submissions is March 1st, but please send us something as soon as you can! Any and all subjects related to Diplomacy are welcome — strategy, tactics, negotiation ploys, statistical analysis, historical background — with so many aspects to our hobby, you can be sure there are a great number of readers who will appreciate your work, no matter what topic you choose.

So I invite you to make a New Year's resolution of it. If you can write just one article for the next issue of the Pouch, we'll have a wealth of material to draw on that can keep us going for the entire year!

With that, let me close by wishing all of you a happy holiday season, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The (Managing) Editor

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